November 8, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Running myself ragged can be my “out of control” captivity in life.  How can I overcome this? How can any of us defeat this way of living to accomplish something far better than we could ever imagine?
One way is to replenish ourselves with a “rest” period.
To define the word replenishment, the Collins Dictionary states it is the process by which something is made full or complete.
An example I can use is the cell phone and how it works.
We give ourselves a “rest” period when the battery is running low.  The phone’s battery shows signs that it needs to be recharged or replenished, correct?? In doing so, the machine regains full capacity of its ability to be used as an electronic device once again.
Replenishing ourselves is an important part of the forward movement in our lives. Many of us don’t readily welcome rest. We are too preoccupied with our busy lifestyles to pay attention to how exhausted we may be, both physically and mentally. I speak to myself here as well.
 God designs our bodies for replenishment. We exude the need to rest in the Lord and learn to trust His timing while giving Him access to who we are and who we wish to become. This all can happen in the replenishment process if we allow it.
During times of replenishment, God may reveal your true motivations, heal hidden wounds, and give you new perspectives for your future desires. He may redefine your dreams, strengthen your identity in Christ, and give you a whole new outlook on life, all while you are enjoying and experiencing your time of replenishment.
He says, “Be still and know that I Am God.” ( Psalm 46:10)
 I encourage you to stop and rest throughout this day. Remember the word. Meditate on it. Every human on this planet needs replenishment. When allowed to happen within you, you may develop a more profound sense of how much the God of the galaxies loves you and how little you do that is apart from Him.
Remember, working on a full battery is much more effective than one that has lost its juice. Please take the time to BE STILL and quiet your heart before God.