His heart for us Our Mission, Vision & Prayer

A unified, global women’s ministry that empowers one another to follow Christ and to love in abundance; cultivating women warriors to abide in His purpose, His promises, and His power.

The Lord gave our Founder, Kimberly Hobbs, a vision to embark on a journey that would position her as His gatherer. From the beginning, God spoke clearly about the ministry’s global influence, and we immediately began to see His plans accelerate. Through the work of the Holy Spirit, the Lord has assembled women from all over the world to lead ever-growing facets of the ministry and to carry uniquely powerful roles. Kimberly has had the honor of lovingly raising leaders up into the plans the Lord has prepared for His daughters. As the global leadership office formed and the ministry grew, God faithfully brought, and continues to bring, women leaders who are growing in their God-given purpose to equip, edify and encourage others. We are blessed to see through our King’s eyes as we labor vigorously in the powerful working of Christ’s almighty love, infusing the nations with strength, the power of the Holy Spirit, and His faithful love. We won’t stop until the Lord crowns every princess that is His, and we will run this race with pure enriching excellence. We give all glory to God, for we know what He has done is impossible with man, and only possible with HIM.

Father God, we commit every area of this ministry to you. We pray that we would carry the crown of Jesus upon our heads as we serve every woman who comes our way with Your loving influence. We pray a burning, whole-hearted, pure devotion and passion for You above all else, and that we would raise up an army of women, allowing the church to burn bright. Let us not grow weary in doing good, let us reap the harvest of salvations, healings, deliverances, and miracles taking us up onto mountains of lavished glory with YOU. All glory and praise goes to you Jesus Christ, our Risen King of Kings.