May 23, 2024

by Kimberly Hobbs 


Many people hunger to understand “calling on the Name of the Lord.”

How do we do this? Why should we retreat to this? Isaac built an altar and called on the Name of the Lord. (Genesis 26:25)

Calling on Him means acknowledging who He is and the POWER of His very existence to do more than we could ask or imagine (Eph.3:20). To call on Him, we must place our trust in Him wholeheartedly and praise Him for everything He does.

When you call on Him and give Him the praise He deserves, you recognize Him in His Holiness, authority, and glory. Please don’t minimize this act. It is an extreme reverence we should have for our Holy God, Our Creator.

Each time we call on Him, may we reverence His Name, which is Holy. When we do this, we open ourselves to the POWER and blessing that God wants to bring into our lives.

Declare your faithfulness by calling on His name in prayer with an obedient heart, then be willing to trust God’s will, His way, and His timing for your life. ❤️