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February 18, 2022

By Kimberly Hobbs

Precious Blood of Jesus
Luke 10:18-20
Music and devotion this morning written by Sara Sahm:
I have always struggled with worth. I know most, if not all of us do.  There is a hunger inside of us that only the Lord can fill.  “What is my purpose?”
This universal question that remains unanswered to so many can only be answered by God.  He has given us truth to replace every lie and false belief we have. “The word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword…” Hebrews 4:12.
Only His truth can cut through the deepest scars and heal them.
One morning, while sipping coffee the words… “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven” jumped out at me.  I was reading a passage from Luke, chapter 10 verses 18-20.
Immediately I thought of the parallel between Satan and lies. The Bible calls Satan the “father of lies” John 8:44.  I’ve found that the majority of his lies are aimed at our worth.  He attacks our identity in Christ because it keeps us in fear.
When we are in fear we are farther from faith.  When we are in fear we are believing his lies over God’s truth.
As believers, we are now children of God.  We have been washed clean by the blood of Jesus, the Father of Truth.  His precious blood is a blanket of protection that covers every believer, but we must pick up the blanket.
 Once we tell Jesus yes, this blanket will never leave us.  Even before we pick up the blanket His truth surrounds us.  His word is never changing and always true no matter what we think or feel.  Lies have no choice but to fall at His Name and in His presence! I am worthy in Jesus’ Name.
 This song was my way of picking up the blanket and thanking the Lord that I am a child of truth.  When lies attack we have a safe place to hide and a shelter to run toward.  His word is truth and because of Jesus’ sacrifice, we are heirs to that truth. ‘Precious Blood of Jesus’ is a worship song that I pray will lead you into a place of gratitude and joy.  I hope it will deepen your understanding of Jesus’ never-ending and unchanging Love for you! Just you!!!  He would have done it all just for you.
 “Our freedom bought by his blood” Col. 1:14. What a tremendous cost.
 One day we will find eternal joy and peace and rest in the “shadow of His wings” truly safe.  Today we rejoice that we have a place to run.  The word of God is a shelter, a refuge, a covenant poured out to us through Jesus’ blood.  Have hope knowing that our names are written in heaven.
 You are loved, chosen, and held in the arms of a heavenly creator that made you on purpose for a purpose. Rest in His truth.