April 24, 2024

by Kimberly Hobbs 


The Bible says, “As many as touched him were made whole” (Mark 6:56 ). That was true when Jesus walked the earth, and it is true today. When we come into His presence, when we encounter Him in intimate and personal ways, He is able to do in us and for us what most needs to be done. 

Touch is a powerful thing and our need for touch is something we will never outgrow. Whether your an unborn child in your momma’s womb or a senior citizen in the last stage of life, your need for physical touch never goes away.

God created each of us with the ability to help others through life and sometimes a tender touch of love is all someone needs to heal, feel life again, or even love again. God has equipped you to show His love to the world. Wherever you go and whatever places you are in, look around and ask God who needs your gentle hand or warm embrace upon them. Jesus understood the importance of touch as part of communicating.

I recently felt the need to hug a stranger who was brought into our home on Easter Sunday because he had no place to go.

My husband was standing near me and knows I’m a warm person and I hug alot, (but so does he) so I didn’t feel awkward or worry to hug him since I sensed from God prompting me that this man needed a hug.

The embrace of the hug brought down a barrier that we were strangers and he was in a loving place. His tears flowed. The rest of Easter afternoon, he was spilling his heart and emotions to us and our family. In my heart, I felt the physical touch of a hug that expressed love welcomed him our home. 

It’s the loving touch of Jesus’s love from you that helps cleanse hearts, shows forgiveness, prompts healing and helps restoration. 

When God prompts you, remember, everyone needs a touch of care and a warm embrace of realness. Our “realness” as Christ followers shows the love of Jesus that should flow freely to anyone God leads you to touch.

Even a hand gently placed on a shoulder with love, goes a very long way. It shows you care. 

“Filled with compassion, Jesus reached out His hand and touched the man.”

( Mark 1:41)