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February 11, 2022

By Kimberly Hobbs

“Dig deep in the Word”
I’m seeing and hearing from others that they feel fear is overtaking so many. This pandemic has run its course but lives are still crippled by fear.
In speech and what others verbally say in a roundabout way, people are feeling God has lost sight of them. They feel alone, depressed, defeated, and faint in heart.
If this is you today, if you are still saddened by this new world and how people are dealing with the pandemic, please don’t lose sight of the fact that God loves you. You are not alone.
God is with you today, this very day, and He has given you authority over this storm. Though the elements rage against you and others around you, they don’t have the power to take you out.
You belong to the King! Always keep the right perspective of God. Be bold in your prayers, no matter what you see going down around you. Allow God’s word to penetrate your hearts and minds. There is strength in God’s word.
Stay the course dear woman of God. Be guided by God’s wisdom (James 1:5) be strengthened by His might (Isaiah41:10) be shielded by His love (Psalm 32). The scriptures are full of His answers and promises.  Dig deep to find them.
Keep your will united with the will of God and pray in that way. Defeat will be impossible because God is invincible!
One of our Founding  Leaders, Worship Team Director, Writer, and Editor for Voice of Truth – made this video for us. Thank you Kerri Walker Bridges, a good word spoken!