December 23, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Christmas season is a time of miracles being seen in beautiful ways.  The birth of Jesus is a miracle. Many see miracles because their belief is heightened.
In order to see miracles in our life,  we have to take the time to touch and connect with Jesus and have FAITH in His ability and desire to touch us back.
Thank Him because of Who He is and know that with Him, anything is possible. We can see miracles happening all around us. Are you seeing sweet miracles with illuminated eyesight?  Look for them, ask for them.
I’m seeing miracles almost every day I live because I choose to. I look for them and they are what I’ve prayed for so they become visible to me continuously.
 Increase your faith and then put to death your doubts and fears. The more you do this, the easier it becomes in your daily routine. Ask Him for your miracle. You will see it!
God responds to our faith! The more you realize how much you are loved by the God of the galaxies, the more your faith will increase!
Express your love to God. Praise Him for how great He is! You will see that NOTHING is too hard for Him, not even the miracle you need in your life right now!!!
Matthew 9:29. Wishing you a lovely Merry Christmas season dear Women World Leaders.