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358. Empowering Lives With Purpose, Interview with Sara Bussard

By julie

Sara Bussard is a young entrepreneur who is ministry-minded. She has been through the waves of life and has come out on the other side as a changed individual.    Sara shares her tumultuous life journey which ultimately led her to seek for God, find Him and now serve Him joyfully operating her own company/ministry. Sara cleans up the ocean environment of the sunny Palm Beaches with Through The Waves.   *****

Kimberly Hobbs   Welcome to Empowering Lives With Purpose. And I’m your host, Kimberly Hobbs. I’m the founder of Women World Leaders. And today I’d like to welcome our guest, Sara Bussard. Welcome, Sara. 

Sara Bussard   Hi, thank you.

Kimberly Hobbs   Sarah is here today to share with us her story, and also a little bit about what she’s doing for the Lord and through the waves. So we’re gonna hear about that soon. But I just wanted to welcome everybody on today and let you know how valued you are in Jesus, and that we have prayed for you. So there is no coincidence that you are listening to this podcast today. And we believe in our hearts that God has a message just for you. And it’s our prayer that they’re sharing with one another. So sharing stories of our lives and how God has gotten us through will help inspire you or encourage you and your walk with the Lord. God says that every believer has received grace gifts, so use them to serve one another. As the faithful stewards of the many colored tapestries of God’s grace. That’s First Peter 410. And we all have grace gifts. We all have different gifts, and we’re supposed to use them. God says as faithful stewards. When he gives you a gift, what do you do? Do you reject it and say, No one it? No, we use those gifts to serve one another. And that’s one of the reasons that Sarah’s here today is God’s given her a special gift. And she just wants to share how she’s walking in her purpose with Jesus. And so we’re just so happy to have you, Sarah. And ladies, we hope that today will be a blessing to you. I want to tell you a little bit about Sarah Bussard. Sarah is married and she lives in Palm Beach, Florida with her husband. She grew up in Ohio. So we’re both Ohio girls at heart. I spent much of my life there as well. And now she resides in South Florida. She is living, loving living with near the beach and serving God with all her might. And her company and ministry is called through the waves, which shows her love for the ocean and Christ. And she serves together with her husband. And we are just so happy to have her here in our community. And it’s so cool because the way that God brought Sarah and I together was we both had the privilege of serving at a revival that was held at the amphitheater in downtown Palm Beach. And I met Sarah there, and I saw the hands and feet of Jesus and action. And one of the homeless people that I was able to lead to Jesus that day. I saw him near Sara’s tent. And he had on a t shirt through the waves. And I saw that Sarah and her husband, I said, How did you get that shirt, he said, they gave it to him. And my heart was so blessed I when he when he walked away with his cart.I had to talk to Sarah and her husband and just thank them from my heart that they saw a need there. And they just so gave this man a beautiful new T shirt that he wore so proudly. And it just was such a glory to God. And then Sarah and I started talking and she asked me to be on her podcast. And I was like, Of course I will. And we just connected our hearts have connected. She’s connected with some of our other leadership and women world leaders. And we’re just so happy to have her onboard with us and also be able to connect with her ministry up through the waves. So before we hear a little bit about through the waves, Sarah, I know you’re gonna share your heart and passion. But can you share your story and how you grew up without Jesus in your life and some of the tumultuous sufferings you went through to get to where you are today? 

Sara Bussard   Yes, and thank you again for having me. I’m so excited to be here. And it was just so amazing how we met and God put us in each other’s life that day. But yeah, as you said, I grew up in Ohio. I was born here in South Florida. My parents moved to Ohio when I was about five years old. So I lived there for about 20 years. My parents went to church I grew up in the church. I never really cared about it though. When I was younger, we went to a very small church right down the street from our house. I think my parents went more for convenience than really anything. So every time every week my parents wanted to go to church, I was like, Oh, do we have to go. But they did a good job at planting the mustard seed, you know, that little mustard seed of faith. And as I got older, you know, I kind of really strayed away from God. When I was 15. I got into a really serious relationship. I was like about, I think I was a sophomore in high school, I met this kid down the street at the pool that I used to go to in the summer time. And we were together for about eight years. Wow. Yeah, eight years 15 to 23. And while I was with him, I wasn’t living a Christian lifestyle, you know, we were having premarital sex and doing things that we shouldn’t have been doing. He actually ended up moving into my parents home, when he was about 17. Because his mom was addicted to drugs, she actually ended up leaving his father for his father’s brother, which I think ended up causing some trust issues within him. Now, I think she might even currently be in jail at the moment, which is really sad, but I just pray for her and pray that she gets saved. But I think that really caused some trust issues with my ex boyfriend because of the things that he went through with his family. And so he started to kind of take that out on me. And it was just a very kind of verbally, abusive, controlling relationship. He would threaten me all the time and say, if you do this, I’m gonna break up with you. Or I remember one time I didn’t even know what Snapchat was, I was probably about 20 years old, when Snapchat was really becoming a thing. It was Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house. And my sister had taken a Snapchat of me just kind of like dancing, excited that the Thanksgiving food was ready. And he had saw that she posted the Snapchat me on her Snapchat. And he got so mad at me and was like, You’re such a slut, and this and that. And I’m like, what, I don’t even know what Snapchat is. Um, so just things like that. That’s kind of how our relationship went. And everyone, so we ended up getting engaged when I was 19. And we were engaged for about four years, everyone was like, Oh, you need to just stay with him, you know, you’ve been together for so long, you’re not going to find anybody else like him. And, and when nobody really knew what was going on in my relationship. So I wasn’t even really close with God at the time. Fast forward to about 23, I just started working for a law firm. And we were finally planning this wedding. And I just felt something inside of me, which now I know, was God. But at the time, you know, I don’t really know if I knew what it was that I don’t need to get married. Like, this is not the one for me. So I started praying. And at this time, when I wasn’t even going to church, I wasn’t even really following God. for about four months, I prayed. And I said, you know, is this the guy I’m supposed to be with. And then finally, after about four months, I had like this peace come over me to where it’s like, okay, you need to just end this and call this off. And I remember that day, it was one of the hardest days because he was so kind, so nice, which most of our relationship was like a lot of anger and other things and just crying, crying and begging me not to leave. But I just knew in my heart like, now I know that that was God. Just saying like, this is not where I want you. And so after that I was single for a while I started partying a lot, just going out and living life because I didn’t do that at all when I was younger, because again, he was very strict and protective over me. And then about I would say about a year and a half to two years later, I met my next boyfriend, and things were going fine partying with him not living the Christian lifestyle. He was actually into Scientology, which is very interesting. And that relationship really showed me that it’s not okay to be unequally yoked. So we were dating for about only six months. And then he got a job offer in Maryland. And he asked me if I wanted to move to Maryland with him. And at this time, I was an office manager at my job, my law firm that I was working at in Ohio, and I was like, I don’t know if I want to leave, but I wasn’t really happy there. And I kind of wanted to explore the world. And so I was like, I’ll just apply and see what happens and I ended up getting the first job that I applied for. So I had made that leap of faith and I moved to Maryland with him again still not seeking the Lord still just kind of doing my own thing. And then I lived with him in Maryland for about six months and let me tell you that was the worst was some of the worst six months of my life. Just very abusive, again, verbally, physically abusive, not following God, I just remember so many days just like crying on the bathroom floor, why am I here? And that that, but that also led me to, to lean on God. Because even though I wasn’t following God, there were days where I was crying on the bathroom floor saying, God, why am I here? Why are you doing this to me. And so fast forward six months, this relationship became just very abusive and bad. I was like, You know what, I am going to move to Florida, I’ve always wanted to move to Florida. I want to get away from here. This is so bad. I don’t know what’s going to happen. But I’m just going to apply for jobs down in Florida. And so I had applied for a job down in Florida, got the job. And then after that, I decided to take the leap of faith and move, move here. Wow, wow. Yeah. So God’s Word is true when he says the Lord directs our steps. So why try to understand everything along the way, right, Proverbs 324. He says that, and he was directing your steps, and you were crying out to Him, you knew in your heart, but the enemy kept deceiving you. And you know how he dangles those carrots in front of us where we think, Oh, we know it all. We got it together, we’re gonna go ahead and do it our way. And we’re not following the steps that the Lord has ordained for us. And so you were seeing those tumultuous times rise up and it in God had to get stronger and stronger and getting your attention, right. And the abuse got stronger and stronger in that relationship, you were telling me, and it went from, you know, verbal abuse, which is horrible, that’s horrible for anybody to live through. But physical abuse is awful. So God got your attention during those times, and he needed your attention. And the Bible says, Oh, how great are God’s riches and wisdom and knowledge. So he was starting to pour into you his wisdom and knowledge how impossible it is for us to understand his decisions and His ways. Because our ways are not God’s ways, right. But we have to surrender our control of our life, to his control. And that scripture was Romans 1133. So God led you to Florida. And that is fantastic, because things started to happen. And you’ve started to look up. So can you talk about how you found Christ, and your purpose in serving him while you were in Florida? Oh, yeah, definitely. So when I moved to Florida, I was actually still, like connected to my ex boyfriend. We were still trying the long distance relationship thing. But then eventually it got it came so bad to where I had to block him. And then we finally cut ties. And I just remember thinking, just like having a really, really dark thoughts and thinking, I’m so alone, I have no buddy, I just moved to this new state. I had, like a few family members that lived here, but wasn’t really close with anyone. And all my friends were up north. And I was just like, I have no one. And I just remember feeling so dark and empty on the inside. And my cousin Amy had invited me to church with her. And so I said, okay, yeah, go, I don’t have anything else going on. And I just remember listening to this pastor and just feeling so like, moved by the Holy Spirit. And I think that is the first moment where I really, really, really just, I wouldn’t say like, found Christ because I knew who he was before, but I really just was like, Okay, God, I’m going to seek you. And so after that, I just, you know, started going to church more and more. And then my cousin, she knew I loved the ocean. I haven’t really talked much about that. But I love the ocean so much, which is one of the reasons I want to move wanted to move back to Florida. I swim with sharks and do all these crazy things that my parents are like, Why are you doing that? That’s one of the reasons why I wanted to move back to Florida, is to just be close to the ocean. And my other cousin, she was like, You need to try this church. It’s called Anchor church. You know, it’s anchor ocean base, you should go here and just see if you can meet people and get plugged in and do beach cleanups with them. And so I just started going to this church called Anchor church, and I just, I don’t know, God, like really drew me in there. And that’s when I really really surrendered everything over to him. And not long after I joined there. I was serving I’m serving on the production team. And that’s where I met my husband. He just kind of chased me around. I like to joke with people that he stalked me. But it was it was really cute. We kind of just grew like a relationship while we were growing close to God. And then shortly after that, we started dating. And then like three months later, we got engaged. And then three months later, we got married. But oh, yeah. All in threes. 333. Yeah, it was, it was amazing. But also, before that time, you know, I did have like, some rough patches in between there where I was still struggling with Foley, giving my life over to God. You know, like, I had also met friends down here where they were into partying. And I was still a little bit into that and still coming out of my older relationship with the guy that I was with in Maryland. And so it took a while. But then when I did go to Angkor, and I started serving wholeheartedly there and really jumped in there. And, you know, I just really felt like, Hey, I can’t be living my life halfway forgot I have to do it, like, wholeheartedly. That’s when everything just kind of started to unveil. And I started to see the purpose that God had for my life. And I was going to this church with my my cousin. We were watching this series, it was called the good work. It’s life church, Pastor Craig Groeschel. And he was he was like, I want to help somebody find their purpose in life. Throughout this series, it was like a four week series. And I remember, I was sitting at work one day after the series had ended. And that’s where the thought of through the waves had came into my head, it was like, I carry you and everyone through their waves that they go through. And I didn’t know what that meant. But I was like, wow, that’s like a really great saying, through the waves. And that same week, my cousin had gotten a, like a $45,000 T shirt printer. And so I was like, Oh, this is great. Like, I just got this, like this idea for this company. You guys could print t shirts for me, I could sell them and I could donate the funds. And I can do beach cleanups, and then also use my beach cleanups as a place for fellowship and to share the Word of God. And so that’s what I started doing was I started selling these T shirts, which I have one on now. And do hosting beach cleanups. And then I started doing my beach cleanups with my church and just having fellowship and using that, using my love for the ocean to show people the love of God, which at first I was like, Is this stupid? Like is are people going to enjoy this. And then, as I was doing these beach cleanup, beach cleanups, I had people come to me like, Hey, I love this so much. Like, this is just a good way to get out and like, have fellowship and meet new people. And for me, I was like, wow, this is crazy. This is just like picking up trash, you know. And then later on, I really felt like God had put it on my heart to start the podcast that I do. And he brought me back to the whole through the waves thing, which is, you know, he carries us through our waves. And so many of us go through waves even me, you know, I, I have faced a lot of waves just even this past year with like, anxiety or, or self doubt, or, or whatever it may be, to actually share that with other people through my podcast, and not just me, but having other people come on and share the waves that they go through. So people who are going through those waves know that they’re not alone. 

Kimberly Hobbs   Amen, amen. Wow, wow, what God is doing and how he restored your joy, right? Sarah, I mean, you were crying on that bathroom floor you knew in your heart. There was more to life than what when you were living at that point, ladies. You may be crying on the bathroom floor or crying in your bed or crying on the street. Wherever you are, you know that there is more to this life. And Sara was just showing how God had to get a hold of her life. But she had to take that first step of faith forward and trust Him and follow Him. And then he restored her joys and the Bible says those who look to him for help, will be radiant with joy. This young woman is radiant with joy. no shadow of shame will darken their faces. She’s not carrying shame from what she went through and all the mistakes she made. She is running after Jesus, taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh the joys of those who take refuge in Him that Psalm 34 Five and eight and Sara, that is what you’re doing right now. And you have started this amazing outreach for the Lord Jesus Christ in a way that is helping the environment. You are cleaning up beaches, you are meeting people all the time and sharing the love of Christ. And God allowed you to reach your husband and you grew with him. I love that in threes right? Three months to date him, three months to be engaged and three months to be married. And that’s a complete 333. And I love that. And so God bless you with what you’re doing. And we are just so proud of you. And I’m so grateful to connect with you, she’s going to be writing in our next voice of truth, ladies, which is going to come out in 2023. It’s going to be the next edition are actually we have an edition coming out in December of 2022. So depending on when you listen to this podcast, but we’re just excited to connect. And that’s what we do in the kingdom of God. We’re all working together and serving for God’s glory, right, Sarah is so and that’s what we have to do. And we want you to come along with us. We need more women of faith, more women that are running after God and serving Him with all their might, because our world is going to help quickly. And we are here to be that light, and love of Jesus to a lost and dying world. So ladies, get connected with us because things are happening. And we got a lot going on. So Sarah, I just want you to take a couple minutes and just just really speak your heart right now to the woman who’s listening, that is in that place that maybe she is crying on the bathroom floor like God, I don’t know what to do with my life. Why doesn’t this, this nonsense? And already, you know, we’re looking to God to fix our problems that we put ourselves into. What would you pour into her as wisdom that God has given you that you can just give her some inspiration and hope right now? 

Sara Bussard   Yeah, I would say, before I came on the podcast, I kept hearing the word Trust, that is one of my biggest and hardest things to do is to fully trust God through situations. And I think in those moments, like, for me, where I was crying on the bathroom floor, you know, we can tend to blame God, like why am I here, God. But if you think about it, like I made those choices, I wasn’t seeking Him. Because I wasn’t trusting him with my life. I wanted to have the full control of my life. And I was like, no, no, no, you know what once I feel like it all come around to you. But I think the most important thing to do is to just fully and wholeheartedly serve God and trust God and lean on God. Because we can’t control the things around us. We can’t control what happens to us. But God is always there for us, and God loves us. And even for me, every situation that I have gone through looking back on it, God has been able to use it for his good that that bad relationship that I want went through. God has been able to use it for his good to share with other women who might have experienced the same thing. Or even just teach me lessons where it’s like, okay, I don’t want to do this again. You know, not saying everything that we go through in life should be taken lightly. Because a lot of people’s journeys are darker or harder than others. But you can and you can get through it with God, and God is always there for you. And, and people will always disappoint you and people will always hurt you. But if you focus on God, if you focus on his truth, in His love, that hurt becomes a little bit lighter.

Kimberly Hobbs   Sara, I had goosebumps as you were talking goosebumps because ladies in car just this morning. And I’m sure this sister in Christ is watching this podcast right now. But just this morning, we had a two hour conversation which I don’t usually have that much of a window of time, but God permitted it. And she’s getting ready to take that leap of faith. And I told her, what I kept hearing from the Lord was when you get afraid, you keep saying God, I trust you, God, I trust you. God, I trust a mu and you walk forward in that faith and that confidence knowing that you’ve surrendered to God and He is going to take care of you. You’ve released your control. Everything’s gonna be okay. It might not be pretty for a little while because you know, we suffer consequences because of the sinful choices sometimes we make and unfortunately those of others, but God will be there He will never leave us or forsake us. And remember God’s word ladies that says trust in the Lord with all your heart and don’t lean on to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him. And He will direct your paths. Just as he did for Sarah. He directed her paths. He knew her husband was waiting for her down here in Florida. She felt that pulling to come down here with her love for the waves. That’s how God drew her in. And now look at she’s serving Him in something that looked at her smile, if those that are watching on YouTube, she has this joy of the Lord, which has now become her strength, because she’s serving him where she is happy, which is by the beach by the waves. God knew that. And God brought her there. So I praise God for your testimony. Sara, that is so beautiful. How can women reach out to you if they want to connect with you? 

Sara Bussard   Yes, so if anyone wants to connect with me, you can reach me on our Instagram page. It’s through the waves Lorda. Or you can reach out to me through our website or my email, which is through the waves FL at Gmail. So any of those platforms if you want to send me a message and reach out I would be so so happy to connect with you.

Kimberly Hobbs   Awesome, sweetie, awesome. And just, I feel in my heart that Sarah is definitely going to become part of us that women were a leader. So look for her and like for some of her writing, because we know it’s coming in voice of truth. So I am so excited to to have you on board with us too. We could serve God wherever we are, wherever he calls us to serve ladies. And I just want to leave with a verse that says this vision is for a future time. It describes the end and it will be fulfilled. If it is slow incoming, wait patiently for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed Habakkuk two, three. Know that ladies trust that wait patiently in the Lord. If things don’t look like they’re getting better right away you that’s when dust like Sarah said, Trust, she heard that word strong. And for whatever reasons God had me pour that into somebody else this morning to trust. Lord, I trust you, Lord, I trust you. And just keep saying those words to him. And he’s going to bring you through and you have to do what you say, trust Him, and go to his word, go to sources that are going to help you and strengthen you in the Lord, go to church, be around community, it’s so important when you’re sitting alone, you’re sitting duck to the enemy, and he’s gonna pounce on you. So we don’t want that. So trust in the Lord, follow what he’s telling you inside to do get to church, go to people that are going to help you and pour life and truth into you through God’s word. So you don’t want to hear what the world has to say, trust me, because again, you’re going in the wrong direction. And ladies, we have tools at women, world leaders that are here to help you. And one of them is our beautiful voice of truth magazine, there’s the printed and digital copy. If you would like to receive this, it is free on our website at And you can look at all the past editions. We’ve been doing this now for two years and 1000s of women read Voice of Truth. We also send it out to the United States inside the United States, I say but you can get this beautiful copy it’s color. It’s about 100 pages, it’s coffee table quality, if you become a monthly donor to the Ministry of Women, world leaders, and we would be happy to have you on board giving, and even any small amount $5 A month $10 Whatever you can give, you’ll get every edition of voice of truth sent to you in the mail. And again, these are beautiful, and they will bless you. They have inspirational stories, scriptures, all kinds of things, no advertisements, and we are so grateful about that, that God has provided this magazine to go out in entirety and excellence with just voices of truth inside women from all over the world. Put this together for you ladies. So we are excited to share that with you. So as we close I want to thank Sarah. Thank you Sarah for being part of this podcast today and speaking to the ladies, thank you so much for having me. This was amazing. I’m so happy to be on here and just be able to share my testimony with you guys. Amen. While you’re delightful and we just thank you for giving hope and inspiration to those that are watching. Ladies. We are just so happy that you joined us today and hope that you were encouraged by what you heard and as we close from his heart to yours, we are women world leaders. Remember all content is copyrighted and cannot be used without expressed written consent. Join us each Monday, Wednesday and Fridays for these podcasts as they go out into the world in the name of Jesus. We love you ladies. God bless you and have a beautiful day.