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334. Empowering Lives with Purpose, Interview with Latoya Rattery

By julie

Re-set. Lifted out of the pit of despair to a new direction of life, guest author, speaker, and founder of Bold University, Latoya Rattery shares her God story as inspiration and motivation to our audience. Latoya offers some great tips with prayer on how to re-set from a past of broken pieces.  


Kimberly Hobbs   Welcome to Empowering Lives with Purpose. And I’m your host, Kimberly Hobbs. I’m the founder of Women World Leaders. We are so happy that you decided to join with us today. And can we all welcome our guest, Mrs. Latoya Rattery welcome, Latoya.

Latoya Rattery   Thank you for having me, Kimberly. Hello, everyone who’s out there watching tonight. Or in the morning.

Kimberly Hobbs   I know all over the world. We don’t know what they’re tuning in. And Latoya, where are you from?

Latoya Rattery   Yes, I was originally I was born in Jamaica. Actually. I came to the US when I was nine years old. And I moved to West Palm Beach, Florida. And after high school, I moved to Orlando. And so I’ve been in Orlando for almost eight or 10 years after college. And so I’m here now just really enjoying Orlando, and open to move if God said so. Yeah.

Kimberly Hobbs   Well, Orlando is awesome, the home of Disney World. And I’m sure everybody that lives in Orlando is so used to people identifying Orlando with Disney. So we are so happy ladies that you joined with us today. And we are going to be talking about reset. And we are hoping that today’s podcast interview is going to inspire you and encourage you and strengthen you and empower you in the Lord Jesus Christ to walk out your beautiful purpose that God has just for you. God says that they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony. That’s revelation 1211. And ladies, Latoya is going to share her story in just a moment. But first I want to introduce a little bit about who she is. And Latoya is a speaker. She is an ordained evangelists and our business coach. She’s a transformation leader who is compassionate about seeing individuals live a life of enjoyment, growth and freedom. Latoya has worked developing programs around the world with empowering women and youth. She has experience in health, social behavior, case management, program development and education. Latoya is the founder of bold University of faith based wellness and business network that educates and empowers and engages women to advance their spiritual, personal and professional development. Latoya helps women in leadership establish wellness roadmaps to improve their standards in life and business. Latoya has her degree in psychology and is pursuing right now her master’s in leadership. She’s been featured in magazines, and on podcasts on TV shows and also a top five finalists in the 2020 Coca Cola pitch competition, and a member of the Christian coaches Alliance. And we’re happy to welcome Latoya here today with us as our guest and she is one busy woman. Let me tell you, my goodness, this girl. So I am so happy again to be able to share this time with you Latoya and with our audience. So can you talk to us a little bit, we’re going to talk about reset today and you have a lot of goodies in store for us. But you have a story, Latoya, we all have a story. And you had some brokenness, and God brought you from brokenness to reset. So can you share with us a little bit about your story before we get started?

Latoya Rattery   Yes, I love, Kimberly, I love the fact that you said we all have a story. That bio, that BIOS my story, but it’s just it sounds like it’s confetti ease. But never the pain have been highlighted in it. And so when God brought me from brokenness to reset was everything because it started there. A couple of years ago, before I was at University of Central Florida. That’s when I really met Christ. And I grew up in a family, a Christian family that had Christian values took me to church and was church but never really had a relationship with God never really had an encounter with God, but feared Heaven and Hell, in some aspect, because it was taught in some way. So when I got off to college, it was like party time. Let’s go out let’s have fun. I went to the club. I had funded everything that was not price like and there came a time in my turning life while I was in college, that the Lord was pulling on me, but I didn’t really know. And so after that I went through a time period of disbelief about heaven and hell, and so mind you that month reminding you that I went to church when I was younger, but never really had that encounter with God. And so I really cried out to God one night after I broke up a relationship with a guy that I used to talk to. And I said to God, I, you know, after God start pulling on you, everything that you used to do, don’t feel the same. And the things that you used to say doesn’t, you know, be the same, because God is now ready for that always been ready for you, but he’s tugging at you. And so that was my situation. And so I remember that and knocked down on my knees, and I said, God, if you are real, you’re gonna have to show me that you’re real. I became like, the doubting Thomas like, because I was dealing with this disbelief, if this heavenly father that I was going to church clapping for singing on the choir, is he really real because I never really had an encounter with them. And so long story short, I came into a time where I surrendered my life to God. And that’s begin and openness of my brokenness where God started to open up and unlock in the hurt and the things that he was ready to deal with me with. And so that started the broken area, in in me where God started breaking those things. And so later on, I started looking at my life rejection and different things like that, that I’ve been through and how God wanting to use it. And so it leading into so many things have fallen my pathway based on generational stuff, some things consequences, or things or decisions that I’ve made. And so all of this God of wanting to take, and so I can recall and and, and I can recall a time when I was moving in college, and I remember moving, like I was moving something downstairs like the third floor. And it was, I believe it was like a glass and I remember the glass broke from the third floor. And guess what happened when glass broke, it shatters. So the glass is everywhere. And what Revelation that brought to my mind in order for God, and it is something that always embedded in from in order for God to to use you, he has to break you. And so what happened, when you look at the glass, the glasses were able to be distributed everywhere. And so that is the process of God has given me an example of Latoya, what it means to truly be broken, is that you are going to be broken. But one thing about broken glass, that you can use those as making it in beautiful, beautiful masterpieces. And that’s where the reset start.

Kimberly Hobbs   Oh my goodness, amen. Amen to that. And when you just said that I always love sharing this verse, but Ephesians 210, so that we are God’s masterpiece, right? We’re created anew in Christ Jesus to do the very good things that he planned for us long ago. And I am so thankful that he took all your broken pieces and reset them onto a new path in life. And God’s Word also says that as soon as I pray, you answer me, you encourage me by giving me strength. And this is really beautiful. Because that’s Psalm 138. Three, God took everything he formed you back gave you strength, and he reset. So reset was in your belief, your image and your purpose, which you were telling me about earlier, when we were able to share together, Latoya. So can you talk to us a little bit about some of these things, the belief, the image, the purpose and what you can do to reset?

Latoya Rattery   Year, so reset started for me, reset has been an echo. Honestly, with the bold University, we have a reset club. And is really for women who have dealt with burnout or those individuals are high achievers and not resetting. And so reset is everywhere. But with my personal life when I really created and courageous space. For a professional working woman, I wanted the corporate woman to know that you bleed too. And you hurt too. And just because you have an education, and you have an amazing bio, there is scars on the inside of you that you probably work over, you might have went into relationship with the same scar, but you cannot unpack the old you to think that you can get your new you the Bible that is no god that in order for us to, to live again is to be born again. And the Bible also flutters in the know that God wants everything new, but he doesn’t put new wine in old wine skin. And so when I remember that I understand that God is not going to patch you up with all new things. He’s ready to kind of make you over. And so for me, I began to see how God was not so much of a call to ministry. But God is more concerned. He’s so concerned about the man internally than even the man’s ministry. Because what profits for man to gain the whole world and lose it lose our soul. So as I begin to see that God wanted to go internally, and deal with Latoya, and heal me, in order for me to be called, and continue to do the work that he has called me to do. And so that deals with my image. So for a long time, God, I knew that God has called me and we were talking about how do you reset, the first thing is your image, I want you to know that I dealt with low self esteem, I dealt with issue for those ladies who are Listen, listen, and now you are those are the things that you you might be dealing with. And those are the images of the enemies goal is to allow you to feel as if you’re not beautiful, you’re not confident that the scar that you have is the thing that makes you feel guilty and shameful. And I look at your image to be even your your story as well, there’s some story that we’re not happy about. There’s some things that I wasn’t happy about and even share it. And so with that, I realized that God has a way to allow us to look at him in his image and his likeness, because we were created in His image and his likeness. And so as I understand those things, I realized that I have to first get into know my imaging God. And that started helping my belief a little bit. Because when I realized that I was transforming, and the image of God and in the likeness of God, it has nothing, the best way to change my mindset, how was looking at myself the belief, what am I? How am I thinking, what am I doing with my time? How am I building my mindset? What am I doing to change my mental state, because I know that it’s going to change someone else. And so as I went deeper and realize that God wanted to heal trauma and things that I didn’t know, that was trauma. And so as I begin to move into those things, in my belief start changing, I realized that God is ready to talk purpose to me, because oftentimes, we move into purpose and thing, our purpose will, it will, it has a way to change your image, and it has a way to change your belief. But many women today has taken their careers as purpose. Yeah, and just because you’re doing a role, and or they have even allow themselves to be confined in certain position, because that’s what the image, that’s the mindset, you can’t go around the block. You know, that’s what you’re thinking, you’re not passing any milestones. And so we cannot box ourselves in, when it comes to our belief. God wants us to expand our mind, and I had to get there to a place where I start saying, God, no longer I start thinking little of myself, but it’s time for me to see me the way that God sees me.

Kimberly Hobbs   Amen. Amen. Wow, you really touched on a lot of things there. That is amazing. And and God says that is soon as, as soon as you pray, he hears our prayers, right? That scripture I shared just before you started and and there were so many things you were trying to do in your life, that it it’s useless for you. But God’s word says it’s useless for you to work so hard from early morning until late at night, anxiously working for food to eat, when God will give you rest he’s gonna give rest to his loved ones, right? And he gave you that rest LaToya and allowed you to put the broken pieces back together and show you what he can do with your life and give you purpose is which is what he did. And ladies, that Scripture is found found in Psalms 127. To that he will give you rest, he will put those pieces back together, he’s going to heal those broken pieces of your past. And then he’s going to reset your life into a new purpose. And as LaToya and I were talking about a little bit about her sharing her story and the broken pieces and everything she was telling me about prayer therapy, and freedom and deliverance in prayer therapy. Can you talk about that a little bit for our audience?

Latoya Rattery   Yes. This has been and this has been a journey with God when it comes to ministry and everything that prayer therapy started was that I was praying, I was praying about God, deliver God save God, renew my belief. God renewed my purpose, God in my image, and I and I was pushing towards Jesus and I was pushing towards the community, of having a church family, which I still do today and have the privilege to serve with my leaders. But God brought up something that I think we have made an option and not a requirement, a part of our DNA, to change our DNA and to be a part of our life and the Word is therapy. Many of us are shun it, some of us have shun it, some of us don’t have a therapist, I’m a life coach. But I truly believe that you need a therapist as well. And so when I started looking at the way of, of looking at, you know, just really serving the Lord, and going after God, there is trauma in itself or anything with pain is on process at times. And so it’s important with prayer therapy, it is really a spiritual intervention. And I’m looking so forward to doing retreats on prayer therapy, because there’s a lot of things when it comes to deliverance and freedom, freedom from mental illness, freedom, from the abuse, those things that you might be going to therapy for, but there’s not any prayer that’s connected to it. Not all says this, do pray. And it depends on what type of therapist that you’re going through your sin. But I truly believe in the power of prayer as well. And it’s so important to integrate those things. And so I want to create spaces for women who have undergone trauma or mental illnesses. And we are in a society today. And when you look around it, many woman, especially in the church, don’t know what wellness look like, for us. What are some things that we can do, and then it becomes this do and don’ts. But there’s something that God wants us to get back to is the power of prayer, and the power of communication. And prayer don’t have to always be you, Warren and prayer prayer to be you’re going in therapy for prayer with God as well. And so the communication with God has to be embedded, and really teach a woman the power of prayer and the principles of prayer, but also backing it up with a clinical psychologist, or clinical personnel to be able to help facilitate that session. And so prayer therapy, I do yearly prayer therapy Summit, where I invite out cycles, therapists, and we’ll have a pastoral counselor in the mix. And also social worker, we talk about the community. We also talk about what’s happening in the church and what the church is doing for mental health. And we talk about what’s actually going on in the offices when psychotherapist are seeing clients. And the goal is to advocate for that. And so each and every year, I get the privilege to do that. But the great thing that I’m doing in Orlando is that I call I started a walk called Walk with bold, and we are going to be having different therapists being highlighted to come on these walks with us, because the goal is to get women into a place of freedom and health.

Kimberly Hobbs   Wow. Yes, I mean, it’s so important, so important. But I love that you are integrating prayer and you are trying to get others to come along with you because there is so much power in prayer, right? That’s where everything begins our communication with the Lord and only he is the one that he says for us to bring all our cares to Him because He cares for us and, and we do need to pray about everything. The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing. Yes, yeah, pray without ceasing. So God’s Word says, I am certain that God who began the good work within you will continue his work until it is finally finished. On the day when Christ Jesus returns. That’s Philippians one, six. And we believe truly that God has begun a good work and all of us he has, and he’s going to complete it until the end of the age it we’re a work in progress, all those broken pieces take time to come back together. But God is not going to give up on you not whatsoever, and we need to trust Him. We need to walk it out. We need to seek that help. That we need. You know, mentors, like she like Latoya was talking about therapists. But everything needs to be coupled with prayer, because that’s what God tells us all the time. Throughout his word, go to the Lord in prayer. So, Latoya, I have asked Latoya, if she would pray over you are sisters, those of you that are listening that are broken like she was, and has all these broken pieces. Can you please just pray a powerful prayer over that listener that is thinking How are my pieces of my life ever gonna come back together?

Latoya Rattery   Yes, and for those for that woman that’s listening right now. I want you to stop everything that you’re doing. And I want us I want you to reset and what that mean is to stop, reset, it really means to recalibrate, to rethink and to realize, and what prayer does it has the ability to do that. And when God in the Holy Spirit, it he wants to visit you right now and he wants to come where you Are because he’s concerned about your, your scars. We can’t heal without God. And many of us have tried our self healing and it’s not working, because we need a savior to do that. So just close your eyes and let the Holy Spirit come in. God, I thank you for that woman that is listening, listening right now. God, I decree and declare that you are healing every scars, and that every broken places are becoming straight God, God, I thank you that you’re mending. Oh, God, every stories and everything that she has left behind. God, I pray that you’re resetting her today. I pray that you are given her the ability to soar among everything and above everything that will try to hinder her growth, God’s decree and declare that the healing and anointing is coming now. And I pray that you will continue to use that woman and use her for your glory. I decree and declare that there isn’t a trauma. Is there any abuse and anything and places and phobias and fears and any type of disorders God that they’re battling with God, I decree and declare that the peace of God will become peaceful upon them now, and I decree and declare that every curses is broken. In the name of Jesus God, I pray deliverance now and I pray the power of Jesus over their lives, I pray that they will never be the same. And they will prophesy and they will call your name great. In the mighty name of Jesus, I pray I plead the blood of Jesus now, and I decree and declare that God there’s a peace that is happening after this prayer. In Jesus name I pray, amen. And amen.

Kimberly Hobbs   Oh, wow. Amen. Oh, my goodness. Yes. I decree and declare with you and all of us that were praying together, we just decree and declare over one another ladies that God is doing something powerful he is he is in you and, and just as Latoya was praying the scripture that says, Call on me, when you are in trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me glory. And just as God rescued Latoya, with all the brokenness that was in her life, she is now giving him glory. And it’s so beautiful that Psalm 50 Verse five, there’s so much power in God’s word, ladies, it just look for the scriptures that give you promises. Now Latoya is serving him wholeheartedly. She’s walking out her life, she’s able to share all of these different things that were in her life as broken pieces. But behind each of those is a story, a story how God stepped in and rescued her and reset her life. And he can do that for you, ladies, you just have to trust him. You have to seek Him with all your heart. God says if you seek Him, you will find him. So I just encourage you ladies to dig deep go into his word. Ask him God, I know you’re there God, you can help me pick up these broken pieces of my life. And I want to give you glory, I want to give you glory with my body with all that I am. And ladies, he’ll hear that prayer and He will guide you and direct you to the Word of His scriptures. And before you know it, you’re just going to start walking those out by faith every single day. And here we have a precious beautiful sister that came in to just share and pour into you she’s doing and if you were moved in any way and one of reach out to Latoya to just know about her further and know about bold University know about some of the things she’s doing. She has welcomed us to get in touch with her. So how can they do that? Latoya? How can they reach out to you? They want more?

Latoya Rattery   Yeah, there’s several ways I’m on social media at coach Latoya if you look me up on IG, or Instagram, which is Instagram IG or Facebook is Coach Latoya. Also you can find me at WWI bold University dot club. That is where our community for our corporate woman normally have different events, VIP day and wellness and we’re taking woman back into getting in tune with themselves and retreats and you name it. I also have an upcoming sisterhood circle. starting very soon with a great friend of mine and I’m so excited business. It’s a lot of things going on. But one of the things when I dealt with burnout that I’ve learned is to make sure that I’m leveraging in order to do what I’m doing today. So I’m just so grateful to be here but if you need me, you can contact me at

Kimberly Hobbs   Amen, amen. Okay ladies, so she gave it to you how to reach out to her and she is one excited woman she is just full have the joy of the Lord. That’s why she’s so strong in the Lord. So I’m sure she’s willing to pour into anybody that wants to reach out to her and Latoya as we close out today, I’d like to ask you if in in a minute or so can you just give that woman right now that’s thinking about resetting her life, what is one word of encouragement to leave her with right now, the first thing she should do when she wants to reset her life?

Latoya Rattery   First thing that you need to do is, let it go, seem so simple, but let it go. You know, I remember when I dealt with burnout, and I lost my car and my apartment, and that was hard. And I remember saying something to myself that I can’t go with what left me. And that was a wake up call for me to know that whatever, left your life, let it go, and whatever needs to be all get away from your life, let that go as well, because there’s time that we’re holding on to things, and God wants to release something new in your life. But before he can do that, he has to allow you to let the old go so that the new can come in. And so I want to let you know, again, let the old go so that the new can go come in. And that’s when your reset began with the realignment and the rethinking of how you view life and how you do your story and how you do your healing. And take your healing very seriously. Let nothing come between you and your healing. Because it’s very, it’s a priority.

Kimberly Hobbs   Amen. Very important. Very important words. Include God in everything, and I so appreciate your good word. Latoya. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And thank you for being our guest today.

Latoya Rattery   Yeah, I’m excited ladies. Thank you again.

Kimberly Hobbs   Oh, we’re so excited to have you guys and have a new plug in and women were a leaders it’s so beautiful just to connect with women around the world. i We are just so grateful how God has just opened up this ministry and and ladies, there are so many women within this ministry that are just here. They’ve they’ve come in through connections such as these podcasts such as the books that we’re writing, and voice of truth magazine that we’re doing. And ladies, you all have gifts, right? And so we want to hear from you. We want to know how can you serve the Lord here in this amazing, worldwide ministry with us because we can’t do it alone. We are an army of women of all shapes, sizes, colors, races, we just come together to serve our Lord together. We’re going to live together forever in Heaven, right? So we just want to serve him together. If you have a gift, and you just want to connect with some women around the world, we have a new leadership, we’re well it’s not new. We’ve been doing this a couple of years. But we are going to open our leadership meeting to the whole world. So ladies, every third Monday, it’s a standing meeting on Zoom, you can connect with us for more ever you are you can ask, I’m gonna put a link on this podcast where you can sign up, give us your email, let us know that you want to come to our monthly once a month leadership connect Zoom meeting, and you are welcome in and then you can hear more about the ministry more of what we’re doing opportunities that you can use your gift here, because we believe that everybody has a gift. And why not use it for Jesus right? He’s given you the gift to us to glorify Him. So and there’s many other opportunities and ways you can serve. And ladies, we also have these podcasts available to you each Monday, Wednesday, where we have teaching podcasts walking in the world, walking in the Word. We’re all walking in the word world, but lacking in the word and you can glean some amazing teaching from this podcast and we also have celebrating God’s grace every Friday ladies, so there are tools for you here in this amazing ministry. So ladies, again, thank you for joining us today. Thank you Latoya Ratterree you are an amazing powerful woman of God continue walking out your purpose sister are glad to have you today.

Latoya Rattery   Likewise, thank you for having me.

Kimberly Hobbs   All content is copyrighted by women world leaders and cannot be used without expressed written consent. God bless you all and have a fantastic beautiful day.

Latoya Rattery   Bye bye