September 7, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

 Each one of us have a purpose in the Lord. But many of us don’t realize that. Unfortunately, we don’t have an accurate understanding of our identity, and we are trying to be like someone else or something we are not.
 How many of us fall short because we don’t achieve becoming who we think we should be? It actually causes us to be critical of ourselves and of our lives.
In my own personal past, I tried so hard to be what others wanted me to be. I looked for approval from others I felt were ones I could trust. I can see now how it caused me to become insecure, over-sensitive, and very frustrated with everything around me. It led to my feelings of unworthiness which led to missed opportunities from God because of “feelings.” Don’t be deceived by “feelings.”
God didn’t want all those missed opportunities for me, I’m certain He provided them as I reflect them. I passed them up because of my own “feelings of inadequacy.” He doesn’t want that for you either.
God does not want you to miss what He clearly puts in your path,  He wants you to have a secure focused vision for your life.
God will reveal to you what your gifts and talents are and show you how to best develop them and use them for His glory.
Don’t ever think that it’s too late for you to do anything. It’s a lie. Dont hear the voice that says, “God can’t use you now, you’re not worthy to be a leader .”
“The gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable” (Romans 11:29)
This means the gifts He’s already given to you, He doesn’t take back sister!
I think about this ministry and how God called me to it and much later in my life. I never felt worthy to do what I am doing now for God right now but I walked it out in faith, trusting God’s help to get it accomplished. He did it! Not me. He was the One…
In God doing this, He has provided opportunities for not only me to serve here but now my 84-year-old mom who is able to use her gifts and calling as well. Yes! She is now using her gifts and talents God equipped her with at 84 years young and loving every second of serving at WWL! She is now a Best Selling Author soon to be a third time. That’s God. And how many others are following after their purpose because of one surrender to say “yes Lord?”
Please let this motivate you! Please let it be you as well. You can be one saying “yes” which turns into many more saying “yes” to God. “Yes’s” that pop up like popcorn- that’d be amazing, right?
You are a world changer, you just may not know it yet! Let’s get busy together, making a difference for Jesus in this world.
Don’t prevent the miracles God has upon “your life” that are still in the coming phases, to stop from “exploding for Him” into this world! Realize your identity is in Christ. You are His masterpiece creation- created for something HUGE! God has a plan for YOU!
Ephesians 2:10!