September 3, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

“When I called, You answered me; You greatly emboldened me.” ( Psalm 138:3)
I was just reflecting on our book “Courageous Steps of Faith” and how so many of the women who wrote in that book faced desperate situations in their life. They needed courage. Courage to do something incredible.
Inner struggles of fear and sometimes death can keep us from doing something strong and mighty for our Lord.
Faithfulness to God in difficult situations puts our control into His hands. We step out of our comfort zones into the line of fire and before we know it, we aren’t shot down we are out walking on the water with God.
The first step is critical.
Me, I argued with God over and over, not feeling worthy to take my first step of faith toward my calling. I was in a crisis situation in my life and filled with despair and felt I was a failure and totally unworthy. I failed as a mom, I thought. But that’s the lie the enemy wanted me to believe to keep me a prisoner.
I knew deep in my heart God wanted my success more than I did.
After fasting and prayer I took a step of faith in action to “do it.” I stepped out to my calling during my worst pain. I won’t say it was easy, but wow, so so worth it.
Women World Leaders was visioned through a time of heart-wrenching activity in my personal life. God was faithful. He saw me through it.
What is your situation? It could be painful or even catastrophic like mine, but God is asking you if you’d trust Him through it all? Trust Him to give you the courage and boldness you need, despite your current situation.
You are a world changer! You have the POWER of God working through you, don’t you? The Ephesians 3:20 power to do more than you can imagine, and even at whatever time it is in your life this present moment.
Right now! Now is the time. I encourage you to persevere through the challenges and soar with the eagles and find your calling from God. You can do this! We ALL can.