September 28, 2022

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Guest writer:
Keily Denny, Murfreesboro, TN.
Beloved, some of us wake up every day and waste every year of the precious gift of life living foolishly beneath the radar of our potential — blissfully ignorant and would dare anyone to say anything to us about it.
Some of us wake up out of that stupor in the Twilight of our lives and burn ourselves out trying to make up for the mistakes of our youth.
Some of us are hungry and thirsty to encounter God’s Loving kindness and have heard about His Grace and Mercy. Time and innocence were stolen, and our lives have been spent in a jail cell of abuse and trauma.
I come to each one of you, the fool, the regretful, the abused, the traumatized, the lost, the unloved, the victim, the abandoned, the orphaned, the saved, and the unsaved. I came to deliver this message from Jesus, The Christ.
Come to me with the spirit of a child and I will give your soul the refreshment that you need. Open your heart to me and invite me in and I will visit you in your dark places and shine my miraculous light upon that which grieves you. Come to me with the open trust of a child — no walls, no conditions. Just be and I will show you who I AM.  Do not put me in a box. Do not tell me what to do. Watch and see what I will do.
I died for EACH one of you — the thief and the beggar. The just and the unjust. The foolish and the wise. The abused and the abuser.
Come to me all who are heavy-hearted and I will give you rest. I heal the wounded and heavy-hearted as well as the sick and infirmed.
This is what I hear The Lord say! I pray you to receive His Holy Invitation. I pray that whosoever needs Him and is looking for Him will receive a MIGHTY VISITATION FILLED WITH SALVATION AND HIS MIRACULOUS POWER TO BREAK EVERY CHAIN OF BONDAGE AND HEAL EVERY BREACH IN YOUR SOUL! FOR THE GLORY AND HONOR OF HIS NAME!
After you do, say “Thank you Jesus” and come back and tell us what happened! ~ Keily Snugumspooh Denny