October 17, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Ladies we definitely put extreme emphasis on connecting women in this ministry, why? I will explain it very easily, women really do need each other!
We see in Titus 2:4-5 a very good example of how older women should teach younger women. I’m proud to say that within this ministry, we have that scripture in action! You can see it by viewing many of our photos.
Our older women and leaders are more than willing to pour into the younger lives and most importantly direct them to biblical truths. We see teaching in action all throughout various parts of this ministry since the start.
 Women here are learning from one another in every area here while serving God together and it’s a beautiful thing to see it growing.
I think women are a strength to one another. We can relate to each other where sometimes the men in our lives are unable to really help us.
My husband and I talk about everything, no secrets here- but I have learned I just don’t get the same reaction from him that I do from my female friends who are close. God gave me great friendships with lovely women that I can trust and relate to, as He has given my husband male brothers in ministry for him. I love that about us and it does not hinder our talks together, ever.
Women have a need for each other, not in an unhealthy way, please don’t take me wrong but in a godly encouragement type of way. By opening the doors to our hearts to other women and sharing our stories of learning, we can help each other become better women. We build women up to honor Christ as we grow spiritually ourselves.
God gives us beautiful examples in scriptures of female friendships. Mary and Elizabeth were tight. Think of all the fears bottled up in Mary as she needed to discuss what was happening in her life, I can’t even imagine. I’m sure she felt she could burst at any given moment with her situation, right? A child was growing within her!
She needed someone she could trust and God provided Elizabeth. That’s why she went to stay with her. And as God had it, Elizabeth was carrying a child also which was John the Baptist, and both were able to understand one another. Women relate to women.
Choose a godly woman who is purposeful in wanting to see you succeed. Choose a woman friend who will pray with you and help you grow closer to God. Choose a woman who is older and wiser for teachable moments.  These women are longing to be listened to and they need you as much as you need them. All women need to be heard.
God has most certainly developed relationships in this ministry in all areas. It’s mind-boggling. Plug yourself in and get involved and see what God reveals to you through friendships.
Praying for all of you ladies.