May 29, 2022

by Kimberly Hobbs 

What are you passionate about? For me, I am so passionate when it comes to the privilege of serving God. It wasn’t always like this. It grew the more I saw God use my life as I fully surrendered it to Him.
 Imagine others rising up and thanking God for His work because of how they’ve been blessed by Him but through your service.
 As we walk intimately with God, we grow our capacity to manage greater measures of His abundance and love. The more we give over to God the more He can use us.
 You can be an instrument that God uses to carry out His assignments every day that you live.
 Imagine yourself having the grace to live, give, and serve in ways above and beyond you, in a way that reflects God’s generous and loving heart for the world! God will use you if you allow Him access to your life.
Are others thanking God for your life? I know I continue to thank God for all of the ones who love Jesus and who poured into my life when I was struggling to find my way back to truth. Then those who poured in after I surrendered to Jesus. People pouring into my life is what propelled me into my life of service to God.
I thank God for the lighthouses in my life! My life is now a passion of purpose because of many who pointed me to the Savior with love no matter what stage I was at in my life, somebody was there for me. Be that person that others will remember forever.