May 15, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Some of you may need a word today when your life seems to be standing still. No matter how hard you work, it seems as though every door closes and nothing new opens for you.
It could be because we are wanting things in our mind or seeing them from our fleshly view of existence, but they aren’t becoming reality. Frustration and confusion arise and your dreams seem shattered because they don’t come alive.
God wants you to dream. Don’t give up on your dream. He puts dreams in your heart on purpose. For His purposes. He doesn’t want you to exclude Him from your dreams ladies.
God’s word says, “we will perish if we don’t have vision.” (Proverbs 29:18 KJV)
 But; there is a huge “but” here… the vision we have must align with His will for our life.
Even if the dream in your heart is from God, you still won’t see it fulfilled unless you surrender it to Him. I’m living proof that surrendering a dream, or a vision, wholeheartedly to God -100%- is what brought this ministry into existence. It was a vision I gave to God and laid it at His feet.
God puts these visions and dreams in our hearts to inspire us and put us on the right path. The path that is  “with Him” not “without Him”, let’s not walk this path on our own.
Lay your dreams at the feet of Jesus and let them die there. Those dreams that are not from Him will be buried forever, that’s surrendering dreams to Him…His will, His purpose! We need to do this, be willing to “let go” of what is not God’s will for our lives. The dreams that are of Him, will be given a new life…His fresh breath of life. These are the dreams you need to pursue and reach for, the dreams surrendered to God for His will and reach for them with your Savior, not alone.
Thank God that He invites us into His eternal purpose and that He is the master strategist to open doors for your life and then close those He does not want you to walk through. Thank Him for this! Trust Him to guide you to His will for your life.