March 26, 2022

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Psalms 54:4 (NIV)
“Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me.”
God is faithful to walk with you and to walk with me. He is faithful to show us the choice in walking with dignity through the storms of your life. You are not alone and He can help you get through.
God sees the uncertainty that filters through your heart and the menace that threatens to change your disposition, but God will not allow you to give up for He is the strength that grants you the power to sustain all the blows that strike you.
Every day marks a new beginning for your strength, to reach a new level, and for your righteousness to stand strong. What you’ve learned needs to take root and astound your adversaries by demonstrating your courage and stamina. For no one can tear down the walls of protection that God has built. Those walls are impenetrable because God helps you build those strong barriers if you allow Him.
 We grow and develop the fight and the stamina that God equips us with in order to face the indignity and grievance that we battle against. No matter how long and how hard the struggles become, God will make a way so that at the end of the day you can sigh with relief and rest in His grace knowing He did it through you.
Throughout His sustenance, He will replenish, restore, and regroup your thoughts so that you are prepared and psyched up for what comes next.
Every victory is your encouragement and proof that you were made for such a time as this.  You can validate the truth of God’s word and confirm that in Him all things are possible and overturned by His grace and power.
A special “THANK YOU” to our Guest Writer today: Laurie Sammarco