March 10, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

I have found that many strong believers, including myself, have had some disruption in their lives that put them into a “search mode”. Searching for a solution to be exact. How do we search for the right solution or point others in the right direction which is ultimately to find God?
Often times searching for God comes when we face a situation in which we have no control. The closer the crisis is to us, the more intense our search becomes. Correct?
To resolve the disruption going on around us takes us on a journey involving seeking God first…that is where it must begin. This is what the Bible instructs.
(Matthew 6:33), “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness”…
Then it involves becoming the right person, filled with the right kind of love, and watching your own life transform into seeing if it’s something others would want or admire. They will know we are Christ-followers by our love.
Then we take others on the journey with us. Just as Christ said, “follow me” to His disciples,  we should bring others on the journey to follow Jesus with us. How can YOU do this?
It all begins with “seeking FIRST the kingdom of God” and watch the disruption you are experiencing, dissipate before your eyes. You too can be the leader God has called you to be. Disruption falls by the wayside as you seek  –  God   –  first.