June 15, 2024

by Kimberly Hobbs 


Difficulties can help us grow. It’s not easy to suffer through hard situations in life, but for a fact, in one of my hardest situations in my lifetime, I grew in strength and close to God. Women World Leaders would not be here if it weren’t for a difficult time in my life in which God stretched me and is still bringing me through it with an awesomeness I can hardly explain..

The trials the enemy sprinkles across our paths (in some cases, like mine “dumps”) can become seeds of astonishing blessing if we’re willing to learn.

Please understand that God wants to teach us about His faithfulness, His way. Our areas of fear, doubts, anger or even mistrust are “our ways”. 

Become intentional about learning through your difficult times. Don’t allow the enemy to keep you in a fearful state during such difficulties in your life. Please don’t be afraid to truly hear God’s encouragement and correction through these times. Don’t waste the trial. Be teachable through it, and watch God at work. 

When I open myself to truly hear from God through my difficulties, I DO! I promise you that you will, too. Ask God to help you! Ask Him to “grow” you through the rough times you may encounter. I guarantee you can count on God; He will stretch you more and more!