July 13, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

You and I have been lied to, we have been deceived. The “best” lies- the most effective ones- are those that look the most like the truth.
The one who tells us these lies is Satan who poses as an “angel of light”. (2Cor 11:14) He promises happiness and pretends to have our best interests at heart. But he is a deceiver and a destroyer; he is determined to dethrone God by getting us to side with him against God. He uses subtle lies and even half-truths to deceive and destroy you or those you love.
 We must identify and expose the Deceiver and his lies. Call them out!
 We need to know the power of Truth and stand on It firmly.
 Acting on Truth means our freedom. The freedom that comes with embracing God’s Truth. Reject the lies and replace the lies with the Truth found in God’s Word and in Jesus Christ, the Living Word.
 The liberating Power of the Truth allows you to freely walk in His grace, His forgiveness, and His abundant life. His kindness and His mercies tell us…
John 8:32 …”You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.”
Thank you God for Your uncompromised Living Truth, we can not live without it, ever.