January 20, 2022

by Kimberly Hobbs 

As your children leave home and go into this world on their own, your prayers for them don’t stop, they shouldn’t be forgotten in prayer. I’ve found my prayers for my children have actually increased! I pray daily and multiple times throughout the days.
Prayer is a way to influence your child. When I found out my daughter was pregnant, I asked if I could pray with her every day through the pregnancy of her baby. (5 minutes of daily prayer can influence a child’s heart!)
I had the confidence God would work through the prayers for my own daughter while praying for her and my grandchild in her womb. She agreed to doing this and we prayed daily for 5 months straight, not missing a day!
I hold on to the fact that God heard every word I prayed back then because now something in her life has changed and we no longer communicate. Although my heart has broken and I can’t understand it, I can only hope the influence through prayer will spark her heart at times I can not. That is where faith comes in as a mother. I must walk by faith and not by sight! (2 Cor.5:7)
Children are still your children despite what we see happening in the “now.” Despite how the enemy chooses to minimize what we’ve done with them in the past, he loses! GOD WINS. God is faithful. So whatever ever is happening right now in both of my daughter’s lives, I can not take my eyes off God. I still believe those prayers I prayed will have an impact on my daughter’s life, even if I don’t see it happening now.
I miss them both but  I trust God in what I can not see.
Your prayers will have an impact in your children’s life! Do not discount it! Do not stop! Tell God everything you have on your heart and how you’d like to see Him move in your children’s lives. I do this everyday ladies! I don’t stop, despite what the enemy shouts at me.
Your prayers work. May you find peace in knowing God hears you praying and has heard all those past prayers too.