February 6, 2022

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Last week was a BIG week for Women World Leaders!
This beautiful woman of God, Dana Cryer flew from Texas to Palm Beach, Florida.
Together, we at Women World Leaders prayed with her and over her as we all began something that God has so wonderfully been orchestrating for many many years –
Dana Cryer’s story and movie.
This phenomenal woman of God has the most “joyful heart” you would ever want to know because of Christ’s love, which she holds down deep within in her soul.
If you’ve missed the podcasts we did with Dana back in August 2021, please tune in to podcast #166 and #169 at:
Listen and you will be able to follow with us and be part of this mission with your much-needed prayer support.
Dana’s story made national news and is remarkable because of its content and one that will have you captivated!
Please pray for Dana and for us at Women World Leaders as we begin this journey together, a mission of faith in what God has called us all to do.
Below is Dana as a child right before she was kidnapped and the face that appeared on “missing child” posters nationwide.
Dana writes below, something from her heart – shared just this past Christmas.
“I love this picture, WHY?
Because I was one happy little girl..but my life changed instantly.
I was kidnapped and hidden for 5 years from the world.  For sex!  I never remember receiving a Christmas gift till many years later!
I’ve loved Christmas so, so, much because my kidnapper did not kill me. I know how blessed I am for so many reasons.
I don’t ever remember getting Christmas gifts.
 I’ve thought so much about the children that didn’t live to tell their story but I lived to tell mine.
So many didn’t have money for their children or maybe not even a warm meal-I know what it’s like to experience that.
Jesus has given me such a grateful and thankful heart and so many blessings. I sure know how to count each blessing daily.
Please know that Jesus was born so that He would die someday for you and me, so we can confess our sins and ask Him into our hearts.
Jesus, You are the love of my heart and life, yes, I love Christmas but truthfully every day You’re my Christmas gift!
Happy Birthday, Jesus, I pray Your children know the love You have for them.
Please remember to pray for us this week as we begin this amazing journey of Dana’s life, surrendered for His purpose.