February 28, 2022

by Kimberly Hobbs 

The Real Makeover
 Many of us could use a makeover when it comes to our behavior.  Some may need a total reconstruction while others might get a partial; and then maybe there are those who are just perfect and need no self-fixing up at all.
… But God offers us 3 steps through His Word for changing our behavior when it is needing adjustment and it’s up to us to figure out what we need and how much we need to get fixed.
The first step to behavioral change is to confess or admit what we are doing that is wrong in our lives and give it over to God. “Surrender it.” Release control that mars you. We all make mistakes and fall short every day.
“For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”
Acknowledging makes way for God’s total forgiveness and reconstruction.
The 2nd step is repent, which means being 100% sorry for what we’ve done wrong and never wanting to do it again. True repentance is turning away and not doing the same thing over again. Acknowledge it and repent of it then turn from it 100%.
 The 3rd step is asking for forgiveness once we’ve repented or confessed our bad behavior.  We can then be cleansed and released from the wrong that once held us captive of what we did in our past.
 God wants us to live free of any guilt or shame. He wants us to live in complete forgiveness because it’s only then that we can have total restoration!
I don’t know about you but living in “freedom” from bad behavior is like receiving a “makeover” from God, He helps us all the way through.
 To me, it’s like walking on a cloud of puffiness, like soft cushions of protection surrounding me because I have His divine protection encompassing me at all times when I walk in His obedience.
When you receive a makeover from God, you are enveloped by Christ’s unconditional love for you which never leaves you or forsakes you. The best appearance of all.