February 26, 2022

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Love week at Women World Leaders
(1 Peter 4:8 )
“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”
Love is the deciding factor. It’s a choice to be committed and devoted to remaining faithful to what’s good and flawless in one another.
Love is looking past the ugly and forgiving the mistakes.
Love is going the extra mile because you know it’s worth it. Love is not giving up because you know life is better together.
Love is finding the weakness in each other and striving to encourage one another, building each other up so that your shortcomings become your strengths as you work together to become strong.
Love is remaining true to the vows you once claimed and never forgetting the values they represent.
Love is your husband, your wife, Mother, Father, daughter, son, sister, brother, the friends and family members you hold close.
Love are the feelings that transpire as you show compassion to one another, making an effort to understand and taking the time to listen.
Love is admitting your faults and being willing to change so that when you look in the mirror you accept and welcome the person you’ve become.
Love is taking failure by the hand, having no regrets and learning with a teachable heart, the things you can do to improve and enhance your life so that you are restored as God sees you.
Love is remembering who and what you’ve lost but never forgetting what it or they meant.
Love is turning the other cheek so as not to succumb to the hurt.
Love is remaining in control and looking to your one source of strength; God… for He is the one that forever keeps you seeking for the true meaning of love.
Thank you Laurie Sammarco -our guest writer on “love” today.