February 26, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Sometimes things can go wrong in our children’s lives, we often look to blame ourselves, beat ourselves up over it, and allow guilt to set in.

I’m here to tell you, none of us are perfect parents! We can not punish ourselves for all of our grown children’s mistakes. We are learning every day through it all. The one thing that can make a difference for you is being a mom that prays!

Ladies, I’m going through this myself, I have adult children. My heart is broken. I have continuous tears. Prayer works.

God didn’t say, “Don’t come to Me over and over with the same request.” In fact, He tells us to keep on praying! I am, I’m not giving up! I trust God.

Don’t make empty repetitions in your prayers, start to pray in specifics ladies. Submit yourself to God, ask Him to help you be the parent and intercessor He wants you to be. Pray as the Holy Spirit leads you, as you listen to His prompting in your heart for your child or multiple children!

You will see the hand of God move. Look for the glimmers of “hope”. They are there and you’ll see them once you surrender your children and commit them to prayer. It’s amazing what you begin to see when you pray.