February 18, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

“Lord, help us to listen to YOUR voice and not to any man.”

We are Gods, we are His very own! Reach for Him now. Psalm74:1

Keep in mind that God will fully restore all things, including His image within us, as our hearts are His “Holy Place” on earth. But in such turmoil going on around us, people are forgetting we are Gods beloved ones.

God chose you and will wrap you back into His heart again despite all this mess that is surrounding us in this world, if you’ve wandered, run to Him now. He waits patiently for you.

The enemy has tried to devastate God’s “Holy Place”, don’t you see it? The enemy has come into the very midst of your dwelling place. YOU. Look around you. Look at us, we are having to succumb to the world we live in just to exist, but be careful. Do not get swallowed up in man’s voice. Step away and listen to the voice of God right now. He is calling for His own.

The evil is smashing, breaking and shattering all around us and its destroying the beautiful craftsmanship of God’s creation. The enemy is violating our sanctuaries. US!!!! They want to wipe out every trace of God! Be wise dear woman of God, be wise. Look around you and ask God for His wisdom so you don’t get swallowed up in lies or those who wish to harm you..

God is our mighty conqueror, working wonders all over the world. He owns the day and night! Surely He will protect us from the wild beasts who want to harm us.

Remember the worship songs you would sing in a difficult situation, sing them now. Your hearts need to be filled with the thoughts of God in tumultuous times. Pray to Him, talk to Him, delight in Him and not what you are longing for in this world.

This world is NOT your home. You are just passing through. Reach out to God with hands stretched tword heaven. His comforting grace will meet you there.