December 16, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Living a life of significance is and should be a part of our walk as Women World Leaders serving Christ.
Imagine others rising up and thanking God because of how they’ve been blessed by Him through you. Through your life of serving, focused on God you can impact a life.
As we walk intimately with God, we grow our capacity to manage greater measures of His abundance and love and then propel it forward into our world that is starving for God’s goodness.
 You can be an instrument that God uses to carry out His assignments within your daily walk.
 Imagine yourself having the grace to live, give, and serve in ways above and beyond you, in a way that reflects God’s generous and loving heart for the world!
We encourage you to take every step forward involving your life with significance and being a blessing to others.
Are others thanking God for your life?