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December 11, 2021

By Kimberly Hobbs

Today we hope you will listen to 2-minute monologue.
It’s about the Woman with the Issue of Blood. She had done everything she could and nothing had worked. She was hopeless but she chose to take a risk and go to Jesus as she knew she would be healed!
 Her risk paid off because Jesus is the answer and He is our only hope. This woman was not only healed but reinstated as a Daughter, her true identity.
When you feel lost and all seems hopeless, run to Jesus as He is the answer and He will provide all you need. He will look at you with love in His eyes and say come, Daughter, I am here. Sometimes we might not understand what is happening but when we run to Jesus He will bring peace, healing, and restoration.
Jesus will give you all that you need, you just need to take the step towards Him and reach out. He will meet you there.
Thank you Donna Clare from the UK, for using such a beautiful gift to share and bless us.