379. Empowering Lives with Purpose, Interview with Candace Kirkpatrick

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Women World Leader’s guest Candace Kirkpatrick is a faith-based actress in television and film, but she wasn’t always focused on faith as she made choices within her lifetime career. Candace shares her story of “surrendering” her choices within her achieved career, to receive God’s provision of a lifetime dream. This podcast interview will inspire you and encourage you in your own journey of faith to always do what is right.   *****  

Welcome to empowering lives with purpose. And I’m your host, Kimberly Hobbs. I’m the founder of Women world leaders. And we are just so happy that you are here today and I’d love to welcome our guest, Candace Kirkpatrick. Welcome, Candace.

Hello, there. Thanks for having me, Kimberly, I’m happy to be here.

And we are so happy that you’ve joined us. And ladies, we are happy to all come together and for a greater purpose. Our purpose here with these podcast series is to encourage you, strengthen you and empower you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. So a verse that I always love to open up with is Ephesians 210, talking about us being God’s masterpiece, because each one of us are his masterpiece. But today I want to open with our verse from women, world leaders, which is right there Ephesians 320 on to him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask or imagine, according to the power that’s at work within us. And we truly believe ladies that when you allow that power of the Holy Spirit to work within each and every one of you, God is going to do exceedingly, abundantly above what you can imagine in your life. So to start off, today, I want to share a little bit about our guest, Candace, she is first and foremost a Christ follower. And she is a wife, a mom, she loves to serve Jesus in her calling, which is acting, she’s an actress. So as a well known actress in film, and television, Candice has a story behind it all, where she is now and what she is doing in her industry, and how she is here on this podcast to encourage each and every one of you. That’s what we’re all about is encouraging, right? And we do that by sharing our stories. And God has given us each a story. We believe that with all of our heart. So what is your story? And hopefully you’ll be thinking about that today. As Candace shares a little bit about her story. Her parents were divorced at a young age, she was only like four. And they dropped her at nursery school where she began acting in the first grade. And she loved it so much. She continued acting all throughout school, and she graduated high school valedictorian of her whole class. Then she received a full ride on to college, where she studied the arts. And she got received a bachelor’s and a master’s while at college and also graduated valedictorian of her college. And that’s an achievement. Candace. That’s amazing. We are so happy to have you, man, she started attending top acting schools. She got an agent, she moved to New York, where she started doing different things with her career. She’s done shows abroad in London. And she’s really, she’s received recurring acting parts on soap operas. And all of this, she’s done as her faith and walk in Christ continued to grow. So in her love of this industry, some of her acting brought her to various parts. And I wanted to start here and let Candace open up about this, all of the sudden change that God was speaking to her in her life through receiving some of these parts that she was auditioning for. So Candace, please share with us a little bit about that.

Hi, okay, great. Um, after I got my master’s, I was at one program for my Bachelor’s a different program for my masters, where I did years of Sanford Meisner training. Then I moved to New York got the agent, like you said, and I was doing a lot of work off Broadway and traveling around the world doing shows, including London, as you said, as well as Ukraine. And then I was getting small parts and TV and film these little bitty recurring roles, nothing substantial. But when I came back from my show in London, that is when I started getting more larger roles. And one of them my agent had sent me up for a role that had come from Toronto. And it was a huge success in Toronto. And he said, you know, they’d like to see you to take over one of the roles, and I went and saw it. And it was offensive. And I can’t say anything nice about it. And so I spoke with my agent and said, I’m sorry, I can’t do that. And he’s like, Oh, you need to it’s very successful. It’s very popular. And I said, Have you seen it? And he said, No, I haven’t. And I said, please see it. And then he said, You need to separate your religion from your work, oh, boy. And I said, What you go see it, and then we’ll discuss it. But that didn’t go over very well, then I was also getting some roles in now in larger roles in TV, and film. And I didn’t even though my character, I didn’t have a problem with the character, I was portraying the message that the audience would take away what you know, I didn’t agree with. And, again, I went to my agent, and he was like, Well, if you won’t do it, we’ll get somebody who will somebody else who will. So at one point, I honestly thought, oh, I should go ahead and do this. And then I can take that money and use it for something that would honor the Lord. And the Lord spoke to me very clearly, to obey is better than sacrifice and in your kin. In your case, Candice. To obey is better than compromise. I don’t want you to compromise. Obedience, which is interesting, that word obedience, because I hope I come back to it at the end. Because that’s something you know, just radical obedience. So I just laid the script for the Lord. And I was like, Lord, I want to honor you, I want my life to honor you. And so some of the things that I was looking at, in that I was reading that before, I just thought was brilliant writing now, it was, um, causing this tension in my in my spirit. Because I saw this as, even though you could say, I mean, there are a lot of incredible writers. But unless you know who you’re grounded in, in the board, what comes out May not be edifying, and will not be building up of anyone or giving you a message of hope. And so that is when I seriously, I met with pastors and others to say, Okay, I need Godly counsel right now. Because, as you said, I had I started acting when I was three before I even got into first grade. And then I had done that my entire life for, you know, through middle school, elementary school, high school, college graduates. So to say, Lord, are you calling me away from this? And that is when he surrounded me with some prayer warriors.

Wow. Well, that that’s huge. Because you are at a point in your life where you are like, Okay, do I sacrifice, the love of my life, what I was doing, to walk away, like you said, and not compromise in this, you know, World of this career that I’ve built, and then follow after God’s heart. And so I’m sure that struggle was there, and you needed women to surround you and pray for you and, and others. So, so you did you, you sacrificed, and you became a mom, you raised a family, you started doing some things through these this 20 year journey of moving away from your career at this point for just a little bit, although I think you’re gonna share with us some of the things that happened through those 20 years, which are pretty cool. So let’s go there.

All right. Well, after much counsel, as I said, from pastors, as well, as I had, I was leading some women’s prayer, prayer ministries and Bible studies. As I was praying about exiting this industry, and two women that I was very close with came over almost every day to pray with me that I would just delight myself in the Lord that I would love what he had for me, and that I would trust him. And so I was newly married at the time, so I invested in my marriage, we decided prayed about having a family. I didn’t want anyone raising my family as you stated, you know, I was four when my parents got divorced. And we went between back and forth between our parents. So I wanted to make sure that I was intentional in my children’s lives that no one else was raising them. And so during that time, I just continued to pray, Lord, use me however you wish to use me. So I continued to teach, I think I have taught Bible for more than two decades, I was leading prayer ministries within their schools. And I was writing and directing place for churches, as well as like, I did this huge, musical, as well as play for churches. And I was also directing their vacation bible school during the summer and helping write scripts or rewrite scripts and direct for that.

And God was still giving you those, those desires of your heart to play them out. But it was just in a different role right now, because you are now a wife and a mom. And so you had the best of both worlds being able to do this, but doing it as a wife and a mom, but I think that’s beautiful.

Yeah. And also, I do think it’s important. I mean, you know, when it says, Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he’s old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22, six, Amen. Yes. And so I think, to get the word in the child is important. And I, and I think to, for kids to have a love for the Lord. It can’t be just do’s and don’ts, Do this, don’t do this, don’t do this. But when you open up the world to them, like to me, when I read the Bible, it leaps off the page, I just embrace everything. It is a live action adventure. And so when you are doing that, and you are presenting these writing scripts, or something where you are bringing the Bible to life, then you’re opening up a world for them, to hopefully fall madly in love with the Lord and with His Word. And that was, My desire is that not just my own children, but children at their schools, because I was directing for their schools as well, and for the churches and stuff like that, that they have this love for God. So

I love that about you, Candace, you are passionate about pouring into others through what you do. And you found that way to do it while you were raising your children because of the importance of pouring in. And one of the ways I know you are very passionate about studying in the Word, and being a mom and teaching your children about this. But another area that you are passionate in, in why you are where you are today, walking with the Lord talking with the Lord is because of the importance of prayer in your life, Candace. And because of that importance, I know that somebody’s near and dear to you in the movie, the War Room, which again, you had your your ties in with that movie, but you, you developed your own prayer room, in your home. And I thought, wow, this is really neat, where you go to that prayer room on a regular basis, you communicate with the Lord, you have two sides of this closet set up. So I wanted you to share with the women right now the importance of prayer in our life and why it brings us to what we can do for the Lord, how we can serve Him if we’re in communication with him.

Yes. My prayer closet is extremely important to me. And I need to I really want to clarify this. I have been a prayer warrior for as long as I can remember, it’s it’s breathing to me, I want to be in constant communion with the Lord. Because as Peter said, where else where we go, Lord, for you alone have the word of life. So there’s nowhere else I can go. But a tragedy happened in my family in 2018. And it just sent me level on the floor before the Lord. And I mean, you know, I couldn’t even draw breath it was and so I can’t even describe it. And then I realized, you know, I was not just praying for exams and friendships and you know for my kids and safety and protection, I was praying on a far deeper level. Okay. And when you mentioned the War Room, I was not a part of that film at all. But I have done, I’m doing a TV pilot with Karen Abercrombie, who is plays Miss Claire of the War Room. So she is an incredible, amazing woman. And I need to share that she is more fiery, more passionate in real life than she is in that film. So that just gives you an idea what she has, like she’s phenomenal. And her passion for the Lord is like love it.

I love it. I just have to share this because now that you brought that up in women, world leaders, we in our Facebook group every day we write empowering words to encourage and strengthen the women. And I have shown Miss Karen Abercrombie, who what is her name and the move is Clara, this Clara. I have played that that stint in the kitchen over and over I put it on women world leaders, because when when I get riled up and I’m writing, you know, and I’m passionate about something I’m saying and I’m like we are going to prayer over this or we’re doing this, I put that clip on the bottom. And it just inspires the lady so I’m tickled just

you should know she’s more passionate than that character. Oh my goodness. So randomly, she just calls me to send me love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love. So anyway, I love that I’m blessed because of her. But anyway, because that movie prompted me with this tragedy to make a prayer closet. And that’s what I did. So I shared I don’t have the luxury have a very small closet. I didn’t like take out all my clothes. I just moved everything over and I have two walls. One is praying how God views work and there are hundreds of scriptures hundreds of how important work is to God. You know, the he has created work in advance for us to do you know, he has already got it. And I don’t want to miss what he’s called me into. You know what I mean? Right? Not all these things lined up and he’s already purposed for it. I want to be Lord, I’m here. I’m here. willing vessel use me use me right here. But then on my other side is praying for loved ones. Last ones, unsaved ones, families with going through health issues, cancer, tragedies, death, rebellious children, divorces everything. And so I have each side, plastered with scriptures like almost from the floor to two thirds of the wall. That’s beautiful. And then ticker tapes running. One is a prayer requests and one is a praises. And then I’ve got about 10 or 15 books in there. devotionals that I do along with my Bible. And I journal I want to promote this here. I’m promoting you see this? And in pew. Okay, this is a guided discipline in prayer, because it helps you because a lot of people don’t know, like, where do I start? I’m overwhelmed. You know? No. And this is like, I’m just sharing it because it’s the Lord’s place. It all mean, what are the circumstances? It says, what are the circumstances? What just happened? And so this is, what are the lies the enemy is telling me? That’s the second part. The third one is How am I feeling about this? There’s an index with 200 500 how I’m feeling this because a lot of times you may be feeling like 50 different ways. This is how I’m feeling. Okay? And then it says, And this is what Jesus says about it. And the Holy Spirit just download scripture. And I just like this is what Jesus says about it. This is what Jesus says about it. And this is what he says about it. And then on the other side is adoration, confession Thanksgiving supplication, the axe prayer thing. Yep.

This those are all important parts of prayer.

They are in my prayer closet with me. Because I cannot go operate in my flesh in a world that is broken. I so much want to be filled by His Spirit, armored up like in Ephesians six that I have on the full armor of God. So that when I go into a situation I am Lord, You are speaking through me you will use me and then I will just be an instrument for your glory. I gotta constantly remind myself remove myself. It isn’t him and he came About every single person I encounter, whether that person is walking with him or not, he cares. So how can I be his arms and feet and light and joy, and love if I’m not staying? You know, he says, I am the vine, you are the branch Remain in me and you will bear much fruit, but apart from me, you will do nothing. That’s right, I want to be, I want to be making a lot of fruit. Remember, even is gonna happen if I am tethered, but I am anchored in the vine. And so I spend a lot of time because there’s so many things I can fix and solve. And I’m like, Lord, all right, you got to take care of it, and I’m gonna rest in you, but I gotta be prayed up. So

Amen. Amen. And that. That’s my point, you know, communication with God is key ladies key. And we all need to have that place where we know that we’re going to go to the Lord every day. It’s not just when problems come that you go to Him in prayer. No, you develop that relationship and you pray continuously. And if it means taking a designated area where you walk by in your house every day and say, I need to get in that room. I haven’t been in there all day. Because we shouldn’t let the day go by that we’re not praying and communicating to our Heavenly Father. That is how he’s going to speak to us. That is how he’s going to change our life. That is how he’s going to prepare us for the future for what he wants to do in and through you. So please, ladies, make it a point to get this prayer closet. Down. I go in my pantry every day. And I know it sounds funny, but I have a walk in pantry. And I can go in there and I can shut out the world. And because usually it’s my kitchen being my domain, but the pantry is that place where I shut the door and block everything else out. And I just focus in there. And I go to the Lord in prayer. And I talked to him. I was in there three times already today. So it’s important ladies, right? It’s important to be in our prayer closet. So though, Candace, so through all of this communication with the Lord and His 20 year journey, this is so exciting to say that God brought you to now a new acting place. Now you are in faith based only and you are a voice. God’s given you a voice to help tell stories to help others share their stories, and you want to be His hands and His feet. And so like I say, God has been preparing you it doesn’t happen overnight. Ladies, it’s a constant daily walk with the Lord. And before you know it, you’re walking right into your beautiful purpose that God has prepared just for you. So Candace share about that, you know, you’re now you’re in faith base. I know we have to be closing up in a minute. But it’s like, here we are. So talk about now you’re doing what God has called you to for him? 

Well, I pray that he’s, I mean, he’s still working on me, I you know, He who began a good work in us will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus, that’s Philippians, one, six, so he’s still working on me. There’s prayers that he hasn’t answered yet, or he’s answering in some phenomenal way that I can’t even fathom, which I’m excited about to see how he’s going to work. And in 2018, he opened the door for me to go into faith based entertainment. And I said to him, Lord, if you ever call me back into this industry, may I honor you? And that’s what you know, there are people who do not do secular work, and God uses them to minister to people on those sets. Okay. So I tried to look at the content. I tried to look at the message I tried to see what is the point that they are writer is trying to get across what is the director’s intent? And I read up on it, and he’s opened some doors for me, that her clearly his, his not my doing that had become directly from him. And I you know, there’s a saying I’m saying, sometimes I just smile and look up and go, Yeah, that was you, God, that was you God. And that’s it. You know, because I go, Yeah, that was you. And so he’s to

Psalm, Psalm 18, verse 30, says, God’s way is perfect. Yeah. So well, maybe back 20 years ago, you were doing it the way of the world but God’s way is perfect. And now you’re in faith based God’s way is perfect. All the Lord’s promises are true. Psalm 1830. Yes.

Well, I hear you know, I’m working on the faith based crime drama, vindication. I have a recurring role on that, which is fun. It’s not like the normal dramatic roles I play. It’s a quirky OCD character. I love it. I got to do this TV pilot with Karen Abercrombie of the War Room, and Cameron Arnett of overcomer and and hopefully that’ll get picked up. I’m supposed to be working on a film called Love one another about racism and how we deal with it in the church. So I’m thankful for that. But in the meantime, I mean, I’m not I’m not anxious, I’m not nervous. I’m just like, Lord, bring me to whatever you want to close doors, open doors. And in the meantime, I wouldn’t go back to praying. That’s why I pray and I flood, I don’t let the world in so much. If I’m not listening to uplifting Christian music, I’m listening to my Bible app on, you know, on my head, that I’m listening to women, faith based writers who are encouraging, you know, your identity in Christ,

and you’re embracing everything that God has for you. And that’s what we need to do women is embrace everything that God has for us keep our eyes fixed on the Lord, right? Yeah, it’s a focus. It’s fixed on the Lord. How do you do that? You’re in His Word. You’re talking to him. So yes, Candace, so we have to wrap it up. But I just want you to give that encouragement right now to the woman that’s listening right now. What can you speak into her life, about moving into all the fullness that God has for her?

Well, the first thing I would say, know that the Lord loves you, intimately. He is intimately acquainted with you, He knows every hair on your head, he has your name engraved on the palm of his hands. So seek him before you turn on the television or anything else. Go to his word, before you call up a friend and want to complain about something, go to him and say, Lord, you know how that stung that hurt that bothered me. And just have him fill you up with how tremendously he loves you and wants a relationship with you. And then surround yourself with godly women who were chasing after Jesus. prayer ministry this morning with a group of women. And I am in constant prayer. Like I have time phone calls throughout the day that I pray with different women around the world because we’re in different time zones. People who are pursuing Christ, because we live in a broken world, but we are to be the salt and light. And it’s hard to be salt and light, if we’re not being constantly filled up with him. So I have to say in saturate yourself in the word, pray, pour out your heart to Him, there’s nothing he doesn’t know. Just pour out your heart to Him, He will FILL you and give you tremendous joy in the midst of some very hard circumstances. And if you if you need a buddy, call, somebody you know, is a prayer warrior, who was falling hard after Christ, to say I need your help to lock arms with me. And we will go to battle together. And that’s what I want to encourage.

Amen. And thank you for that encouragement, Candace. And just as Candice connected with women, world leaders, we love that God brought her to this amazing group of women. And that’s why we’re here ladies is to be that help to you to reach out in all these different areas. There’s women walking through what you’re walking through, there’s women that are here, just to be helped other women. We’re here as a as a way to help each other and in Canada, so wonderfully, was led by the Lord to be here doing this podcast right now as an encouragement to you. Maybe God has a story in your life that you’re going to share somehow, some way in, in our magazine, and in a book that we’re putting out or whatever it may be. But God has a way to use each and every one of you to do not doubt that. If your old way of living is leaving you feeling spiritually dull and dead inside, then it may be time for you to surrender everything to Jesus, just like Candace did. She knew that time that things were not going in this direction that her life was going with the world. God didn’t want that for her. So she surrendered. And she changed her heart. And God gave her this passion to serve others, and now she’s doing it for him. And we are so grateful that you shared. I wanted to share a scripture portion that I thought was so cool. And kind of goes right along with what we’re talking about Canvas. It says our great desire is that you will keep on loving others as long as life lasts in order to make certain that what you hope for will come through then you will not become spiritually dull or indifferent. Instead, you You will follow the example of those who are going to inherit God’s promises because of their faith and endurance. That’s Hebrews 611 and 12. So in your sphere of influence, ladies think about that. Candace is sphere of influence became her husband and family and then those that God connected her to at that time, and then he opened up her world. And now she’s doing all of this faith based way of reaching the loss for Jesus. So whatever your gift that God has given you, it may not look like canvases, it’s your own. A verse that I heard Candace share in a past podcast that I wanted to share too, is Colossians 317, which says, Whatever you do, in word or deed, do it for His glory. So we just want to share that with you as well and encourage you with whatever you’re doing, just make sure you’re doing it for the Lord Jesus Christ with the right heart and the right content. So in closing, I just want to share with you all that we have a magazine that just launched recently, it’s a monthly magazine. And if you are looking for extra encouragement, and just a word from the Lord, there’s scriptures in here this is put out by women, it’s called voice of truth, which comes out every month, and put out by women, all kinds of wonderful nuggets inside that will inspire you encourage you in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you can receive your free monthly copy by going to women world leaders.com. And there you can go to the Contact Us section, and put all your information in and we will be happy to start sending you your copy of voice of Truth magazine. Ladies, you can also join us on our Facebook group where we interact and comments. And it is a private group so just asked to be invited in. Also we have the website, women world leaders.com, where if you need prayer, or if you need another woman to come along beside you, we can help you with that. So just put in a prayer request. And we have tools there ladies. So these are open and available to each and every one of you, wherever you are. We just love you. We want to help you and from his heart to yours. We are women moral leaders, Candace Kirkpatrick. I thank you so much for being there. And you can find Candice Kirkpatrick at…hat is your website?


Candacekirkpatrick.com There you go. So I’m sure she would love an encouraging word as well. So all content is copyrighted and cannot be used without expressed written consent. God bless you all and have a wonderful day.