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355. Empowering Lives With Purpose, Interview with Ken Hobbs

By julie

We all have very important men in our lives. Today’s guest, Ken Hobbs – author, speaker, and coach – shares the importance of being a Man of Honor and how to encourage the man in your life.   Ken shares his story about the influence of a man in his life and what value it had in his own life as well as some of the joys of writing with other men in the Amazon #1 Best Seller United Men of Honor: Overcoming Adversity Through Faith, published by World Publishing and Productions.    *****

Kimberly Hobbs   Welcome to Empowering Lives With Purpose. And I’m your host, Kimberly Hobbs. I’m the founder of Women World Leaders. And ladies, we are so happy that you joined with us today. And today we’re going to talk about United men of honor overcoming adversity through faith. And it’s my pleasure to introduce our guest today, Ken Hobbs. And Ken is my husband.

Ken Hobbs   Well, I, I’m excited to be able to do this, I’ve been looking from the background, and now it’s kind of neat to do this ladies.

Kimberly Hobbs   Well, we’re happy to have you and, and ladies, we all have men in our lives, whether it be our husbands, fathers, sons, nephews, friends, we all have men that we love very much. And we are happy to announce that women, world leaders and world publishing, work together with United men of honor, and put out this amazing book, United men of honor overcoming adversity through faith. And throughout this book is tools for men, to help them be those men of honor that God has called them to be. And we believe that this book will be an inspiration, a hope, help and healing to many, many men, it already has proven so this book has gone to number one best seller, and actually four Times best seller. And we’re going to talk a little bit today about the content of this book, so that it might inspire you to get the book for your man in your life that you really want to reach in touch with a helpful message. So I would like to talk to you a little bit today about Ken Hobbs. And before we get into his story and why he he chose to write about United mandhana, overcoming adversity through faith, I want to share a little bit about him. Not only is he my husband, he is a Christ follower, a wonderful man that has dedicated his life to impacting others in paratroop parachurch ministries, missions, and his business as well, which is a marketplace ministry. He’s the founder of United men of honor leading coaching and motivating men to become men have God in their homes and in their businesses and communities. He’s part of a leadership team, which is Band of Brothers. He strongly passionate about bootcamps and believes they are needed in this world so that men don’t have to fight their struggles alone. Ken is also a Senior Vice President and financial coach to multiple brokerages, and he operates he owns and operates them in South Florida, but they’re far reaching across the country. So he’s married to me, and has wonderful children. And he works in reaches around the world in multiple multiple ministries. So we are very happy and honored to have you today. I love and I want to open up by sharing a little bit about the book. And there was a paragraph I wanted to share with you ladies about the book before Ken shares about his particular story within the book. As the enemy does his best to take out men off of their mission, the war He instigates rages on in men’s lives around the world, where have all the mighty men gone? This world needs more men to step up, step out and be men of honor. Isn’t that the truth. They need to be warriors for their faith, their family, their community and their country. And they need to be strong for the week leading them with courage to be overcomers. And this book has been written to proclaim the stories of God, his overwhelming provision and his care and share his word with you and with the world. So we’re all a work in progress trying to accomplish great and mighty things in our lifetime. And this book can definitely be an inspiration to many who are just trying to find their way in life. Because these stories that all these men that have come together to write are transparent, and they all focus on how God got them through adversities through faith. So Babe, you talk about in your chapter, the influence of a man and why why did you choose to write on the influence of a Man, and why is it so important to be an influence in this world?

Ken Hobbs   Well, I think one of the things that I talked about is, is that men, you know, that having men are influenced by other men, just like women are influenced by other women. That’s why women world leaders, and that’s why we have united men of honor and man, two brothers, because men, you know, made a difference. You could be your father, your grandfather, a coach, all everybody has been influenced, you know, by somebody else. And I was fortunate, and I wrote my chapter, the influence of a man is that there is a positive and there’s negative influences that we’ve known that we’ve seen generationally, some of you know that somebody has had bad fathering, or that you know, was had a bad coach or a bad leader. And you know, that that turned out to be goes goes on, because that happens, you know, one of the things that the influence of a man can also have a huge power effect. And what I saw is in my life is where my dad wasn’t there, I had two grandfather’s that were pillars for me. And so it can be passed on for generations, it can happen, and it can make a deal. One of the things I opened up my chapter with, and it talks about, it says, you know, your says, influence can be defined as the ability to affect the character, development, or behavior of someone or something. And it requires developing strong emotional connection with each, excuse me, with yourself, and others, those who master the art of influence are often skilled at tapping into emotions that drive people’s actions. And, you know, that’s one of the things that I’m that I hope that I have been able to do as far as with my ministries, because you know, we’re here not to push not to pull not to, you know, not to force people. But we’re here to, you know, all of us have influence. And one of the reasons I wrote this chapter is to talk about how different people can influence you, and can teach you and how you can make a difference. You know, just like what you’ve done with, you know, women, world leaders, the influences that you’ve had on your books and sharing those things. It really makes an impact in today.

Kimberly Hobbs   Amen, amen. And you talk about in there, the different ways that men can influence their, their followers, you know, like, how they can pour into lives. And I think that’s so important. You know, us women, were supposed to teach the younger women and it talks about that, and in God’s word, so how do you feel that men can pour into other men to be an influence in their life?

Ken Hobbs   Well, one of the things is, I’ll take the takeaways for me, you know that, you know, one of the scriptures that my dad and we use in Vanda brothers, you know, when my dad taught me, and we use a band of brothers is First Corinthians 1613 through 14, it says, Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong, let all you do be in love. And so there’s almost a contradiction there. In today’s society, if a man is strong, and he is that testosterone guy, they say that testosterone, if he’s strong, is toxic in today’s thing, but then the Scripture says, Be strong. But then it says, In all things, too, in love. And that was one of the things I was actually modeled, I can say that with my, with my four influences in my life, I was modeled that my father taught me what the definition of forgiveness was, which probably was the single most important thing that happened to me, is to learn that because I could then understand, not how God forgives us. But then also I could be able to relate to other people. And I could go and separate. And so what my dad, and my grandfather taught me, is that true forgiveness is when you can remember the hurt or the incident, and not feel the pain, or the emotions. And that’s what God does for us. He remembers everything’s written down. But you know what, it doesn’t matter because it’s not counted against us anymore. So I use the analogy. It’s sort of like pleading, no contest, you’re guilty as charged, but you’re not adjudication is withheld. It’s covered. And that’s what we do when we forgive. That’s why people ask for mercy. Mercy is unmerited grace is unmarried. That means you didn’t do anything to deserve it. You’re actually you’re guilty. You have nothing but we give you mercy because we choose to love you. And I think that’s what being strong and that was so important. What I learned from the men that I had in my in my book, and then if you read the rest of the chapters, there are some very, very strong influences that went on through that, how they were able to navigate their walk. So we have pastors that that are pastors today. But when they started out that some of them had addiction problems, some of them had insecurity problems. And in fact, the co founder of our banner brothers with us in Florida, you know, he actually was second grade a teacher, he tested it in test well, so the teachers had called his parents in and said, Well, he’s got a problem. He’s got a learning deficiency, you better gear him towards sports, because he has a learning deficiency. And really, all he did is he added attention to some deficiency, he was actually so smart. And he now has master’s degrees and has all that, but his parents believed what that teacher said, and that and he believed that for so many years, and that’s why he wants to go out for sports and stuff. But then he found out now today, his master’s degrees, he leads organizations, he’s got 100, brokerages in his financial coaching business, all because that lie what other people say isn’t necessarily true. And that’s what these stories can do. It can expand you what you’ve been told the agreements that you’ve been, that you’ve made, that other people or the world is telling you, insecurities, all those things are not that important that God can overcome adversities through your faith.

Kimberly Hobbs   Amen. Amen. While the influence of a man is so very important in lives, right? And how, how do we become that man of honor, and you know, who you have prayerfully spoke to many men, that you feel that God put on your heart to be a part of this book. And these men didn’t just come into this book, by chance, each one of them have an incredible, powerful story that will truly inspire, I mean, people will read it and say, Wow, if this person can be transparent, and share this, and get through this, with God’s help, there’s hope for me. And that was the purpose that you wanted those people that God’s strategically placed into this book, to write. And so can you share a little bit about stories and how influencing these stories out how important it is, I know, when you go to Band of Brothers, you share stories, because they have impact on people. And they teach people and all through this book, there’s teaching, but we’ll get into that in a minute. But talk about all the different people that God called to write in this book, and influence others.

Ken Hobbs   Well, you know, one of the things that you know, the scripture that we use, and I know you’ve used it many times, and it’s been the pillar of why you use testimonies, why you’ve been able to be so successful with women, world leaders and, and be able to rally women around because they, you know, Revelations 1211. And I actually have it in the book here. And I think I don’t want to open the answer the question, first of all, by reading that Scripture, the passion translation says that the best says, They conquered him, that means the enemy completely through the blood of the Lamb, and the word of their testimony. And he may triumph, because they did not love and cling to their own lives, even when faced with death. See, what happens is, is that because of our insecurities, because of our pride, we don’t share our stories. We don’t tell those, those intimate things. And it’s one of the things that it’s so appealing to choose such an amazing, amazing servant leader, and that you share your story and how you started the copulation books by sharing your story and tears to triumphant and how you serve the story of the turtle faith of the university. We’ve had with some people in our family and all those things that have gone through as it and that’s what we did, and we unified it and Banner brothers 10 years ago started with this where we have responders that deal with each of the four pillars, you know, the adventure to live, the, the princess to, to love, right, the the children to Father, you know, and how important it is because what we’re playing for is that according to Barna stats that we quote, a lot of times that they say that when a man comes to the Lord first 93% of the time, the rest of the family will follow. When the woman comes first, it’s 37% of the time the rest of the family will follow. And when the child comes first, it’s 17% of the time. So if we one of the reasons why we are so aggressive, you know why we are so pushing for this, we’re men because men are hard to get to men have caught up into their own things. And this world is trying to isolate men, where we’re talking about their strength in a band of brothers. If we unite we can truly be united men together. And so we want to teach people how to do that so that they can father because you understand this generation has been not fathered not parented, mothered is not been coached, it’s not been mentored. And that’s one of the things that the millennials and the generation X’s Z’s are having as they’ve been left to technology, and the media, so much more influence than on an actual parent or coach or a leader of them to be able to do it. That’s why I believe these two in these two ministries that we run are so important in this book, the different stories and the last thing I’ll talk about, we have a gentleman here that wrote, called did differently abled, and he wrote the story about his son, and what he went through that his son was born not not a normal birth, it had some issues and became differently abled. And how he turned that into a ministry and save souls today, by doing triathlons with carrying him and pushing him by going across, he just went across the from the Bahamas to Fort Lauderdale, on a on a boat, in pulling a paddling, paddleboard paddling his son behind them. And that story was just so amazing, because some of the ladies can understand that, that feel what their child, you know, is going through that we have another gentleman who was a Jewish American brought up there and had real father wounds and never knew what forgiveness was. And he writes his forgiving forward story, and how that work and how he was able to get restoration, we have a father and son team that are in the book, and we are so excited about them. And you know what happened and their stories, how they were able to relate to each other, but also a for the kingdom, you know, and to, they all had their own processes they had to go through, but they were so genuine to share it how a person that owned a construction company that felt the Lord calling him to donate the construction, so you need to and not for profit. And now to do that he writes his story in there. And then the last I can, there’s so many there’s over 20 stories that I want to leave anybody out, just giving you some highlights you really need to read it is that, you know, we had a gentleman that was in COVID ICU, that went through that whole COVID process with his family, and then nobody at that, that was in that COVID ICU with him, walked out of there except for him. That’s the mighty man of God, you know, we’re able to do and then are closed with the chapter of agenda on basically a job story, a doctor who lost everything, he still has a trachea and lost his family lost, you know, his health and couldn’t walk with thought he was going to be told he was going to suppose to die many, many times, and how God is now using him to tell his testimony and tell his thing. And then his life is still process. But he’s walking through it and telling the testimony as it is.

Kimberly Hobbs   It’s amazing, truly amazing, the men that have come forward to be transparent with the world. And ladies, you could read this book for yourselves and be influenced and moved by what you read. And then I’m sure you’re going to want to pass it to those men in your life that you love so much. Because when they can sit down and really read the stories of another man and they can identify with these because these men talk openly about things that they have had to deal with in their life. You know, but God and God helped them through so it gives hope, help healing to others that may be looking in and glimpsing in at these stories, I’m telling you, it’s a powerful book, it’s already gone to a four times bestseller. So it has sweep the categories and categories as number one bestseller. And again, that’s God because He knows these messages need to get out to the world. So the other thing that this book supplies, which is a fantastic is the teaching the teaching with within the book in between each chapter, there are different teachings, you know, face to the subtitle is overcoming adversity through faith. Well, it takes faith to overcome insecurities. It takes faith to overcome temptation. It takes faith to overcome addictions. Each of these are spelled out and how to deal with these things that men face continuously that they’re bombarded with. So, um, my love, can you talk about some of these teachings that you have decided to put in between the chapters that are powerful?

Ken Hobbs   Well, you know, one of the things was is, this was my first time writing I’ve spoken in front of 1000s and I have been in public speaking now almost 30 years. And but writing is a different challenge that I have never done because when you transfer what you think and what you say, and you put it down into writing, it changes everything because it actually becomes more real. First off is they always talk about that but the second thing is is that it really made you deal with things that When you’re just speaking about it and sharing about it, you don’t always deal or think or go back to those times that you had. And so writing about that, in order to write that, you know, you had to actually go back to those times and analyze where it was. So one of the things I dealt with is I kind of felt or dealt with an abandonment issue that I was my parents got divorced when I was very young, and they fought over me for custody and for you know, everything and, and I actually was, when they both got remarried, it was a huge, huge transition. I know probably, you’re really you know, your followers are probably have some of the same situations and dealing with that. So I went from the father over child, to the abandoned child, I felt like in you know, one of the things so I talked about how I dealt with abandonment and what Scriptures helped me through but more importantly, is having one of the toughest times of my life, you know, that I’ve felt more abandoned than I ever felt when I was eight years old, turned out to be the greatest memory that I childhood memory I had when my grandfather pop scene went and got a Winnebago and we went across country and, and went to the Mount Rushmore and Tetons and all the different areas across the country and, and just had an amazing, amazing time. And now with, with my, my aunt, and we just had an amazing time, it turned into a great, great memory, my best childhood memory, I could say, one of my best, and that here is but that was when I was dealing with the biggest issues of abandonment. So God allows people to come into your life. And that’s where a man can go and be there for another man. And that’s one of the things we talked about. Insecurities is a big thing for a man. I mean, especially in this technology world, we got Facebook, Instagram, we’ve got all kinds of social media, everything is broadcast out there everything is you’re on video camera, everywhere you go everywhere you drive, you’re on video, you understand life is is a showcase. And so what ends up happening is is how do you deal with those insecurities? How do you deal with it? How do you man up in this world, right? We talk about how do you navigate yourself and when though even society doesn’t even want you to be a man, you know, where a man of God or a Christian man is looked at as Mr. Rogers, whereas God wants you to be David or be Braveheart or be Gladiator. He wants you to fight for what’s right, fight for your princess, fight for your children fight for your community, and how do you fight, he fight by putting on the armor, the spiritual armor, you know, the helmet of salvation, we carry around the military coin, that the end of our band of brothers when in fact, we had a band of brothers bootcamp with a record breaking over 450 guys that were there we went through the whole, you know, four day workshop on how to don’t call the Wild at Heart, how to deal with all the adversities that you’re dealing with, and really breaks down everything that coaching and teaching has never really done in churches and other groups. And we’ve actually have a coin that when you go through the the bootcamp, they give you this coin and it has on there, put it on Ephesians six, Put on the whole armor of God talking about is is when you feel stressed, you feel depressed. You feel, you know, unworthy, you feel unappreciated men, really I hear more and more that men feel unappreciated today than they ever did because of just the way society you know works and the way society is going right now and and that really is a problem. So they care for this court that you’ve got to make sure an armor up. We call it fit to fight. We got to look to the other guys and say are you fit to fight? Did you put on your helmet this morning? Did you wash your brain? Did you got your righteousness on your breastplate so everybody can see it that what God has done for you? How big is your sword? Like Oh, guys like the compare how big their fish are? You know, and they always had their fish stories? Well, we want to talk about how big is your sword? And that’s how much you know of the Word of God. And then also how big is your shield? How big is your faith? I think that could be the greatest security that a man can give their family, their community that they could do is their faith is so big, that the shield becomes a force field around their families, their communities, their churches. So those are some of the highlights of some that changing, but you got to read the book to get more.

Kimberly Hobbs   Yes, absolutely. The teaching is fabulous. And there’s so much helpful in there. And we just know that it is just it’s going to rock the reader and they are going to just be so moved by what they read and what is poured into them. And I just want to share one more thing at the close of this book. And you had written that God has a plan for your future but so does the enemy and that is so true. His intentions are not good. The devil’s plan cannot succeed if you’re walking and talking with God living in obedience honoring him and standing firm in His Word that your sword and you speak in Teach of that all throughout this book through the men stories through the teaching. So despite what is happening around you, your enemy, the devil will be defeated. But he’s going to try to wreak havoc on you until he is. So ask God for strength and endurance to continue in what you must do, don’t give up or give in. Remember, if you start getting consumed by present battles in your life, and feel like you’re going nowhere, God has your back. And one of the ways is through a book like this, because you will get so much learning so much teaching so much and for in SPIRATION, that God is preparing you for what’s next. So don’t lose heart. So as we close in the next minute or two, can you please just speak into the listener right now, which is mainly women right now. And talk to them about how this book can even make a difference in their life?

Ken Hobbs   Well, first off is is that all of you one of the things i i love about this, because I read, you know, all the women were leaders books, okay, just so you know, there it is. I have a signed copy from, from the publishers and the authors. So I make sure and do that. But I read the women’s stories, and I do their I actually read the women’s devotionals that are put out every day, because it gives me a better insight into the women in my life. Obviously, my my love, you know, but I also into my mom, my stepmother, the other women that I’m interacting with that it really, really helps you. So I would first recommend that if you have men in your life, and you would like to have a better relationship, understanding them, so that you can though and maybe have a little bit more influence or, or direction if they needed that this book would be a great read for you. So if you understand what other men have gone through, and how they overcome it, the you can then go and encourage and guide and and do that. The second thing is is that you can actually use this book and have it around and have it well. And try to encourage your man your father, your your husband, your son, your steps on your uncle’s any man that you have in your life, or any man in need. There is a story in here that everybody needs to hear. Okay, and it all comes back to the Lord. We’re talking to Jesus in His Word is what we direction everything is in the end, I want you to understand that we don’t want to get churchy. But we are going to direction where our, our faith and our strength comes through. And, and that happens. And the second thing, the third thing I thought was really cool. And this was something that Kimberly did for me the day that was actually launched that it’s a really neat thing, if you order the Kindle version, is that you can actually have Alexa read the Kindle version. So Kimberly went in the head at when I came home that day, and she said Alexa, play United men of honor overcoming adversity through faith or to read it. And it actually read everything that it just went through. And it was so almost brought me to tears hearing it done. Well that’s maybe something you could do while you’re getting your dishes. While you’re doing other things that are going on that you could be listening to it, but guess what other people are listening to. And that happens a lot. And then for your unsaved man that you might have or your unsaved person, you know, obviously pray, okay, but utilize, try to encourage the book. And if they’re not open to that, that’s okay, too. But you model what some of the things you’re going to learn how to deal with the man in your life by this book and be able to utilize it and go forward.

Kimberly Hobbs   Thank you. Thank you great word. And so yes, it is not just for the men, it is for everybody. So in there is something that we can all take away from this. I mean, I can’t even tell you the flooding of ladies that have already read this that have been coming back with tears. Everybody’s saying tears powerful, like they can’t even get through this book without crying through all the chapters because these men like I said, I can’t say it enough. They are transparent. And they wrote from their heart and they revealed a lot of junk. And there’s like four pastures in this book as well. And you know what’s so amazing is that they had to go through something we all have a past right? To get to where they are now and how God brought them there is truly remarkable. So when you hear these kinds of stories, ladies to it will rock your world. So as I close, God is awakening warriors to step up and be heard as they live with valiant and courageous faith. With the stories and teachings United men of honor overcoming adversity through faith will help you armor up, become fit to fight and move forward with what it takes to be an honorable leader and kindness as we close out right now. There are going to be those that want to reach out to you and get more information about Band of Brothers or can you give out a way they can reach you in the last 30 seconds?

Ken Hobbs   Got it. No problem that first off is is that my bio is in the front of the book. And I do list all our websites that are there that you can access their band of brothers www dot band or brothers is for the bootcamps. United men of honor United men of is another way, my direct email and I’ll have any problem with that if somebody wants to contact me direct 10 Hobbs number Ken Hobbs, number two Yahoo, we would love to be able to pray. We’re also on social media have your man or if you want to follow us on Facebook group, we have a group called United Men of Honor, we all just like you ladies have one. And we also have an Instagram and a telegram chat. I do want to close with one quick scripture one, I really encourage you ladies that if you are pursuing your man’s and your man’s heart, see that’s what you need to do. Don’t pursue your man or their actions pursue their heart that the last scripture was his revelations 319 through 21. All those I love I unmask and trained. So repent and be Eagle eager to pursue what is right. Behold, I am standing at the door knocking, if your heart is open to hear my voice, and you hear the door and you open the door within I will come in to you and will feast with you. And to the one who conquers I will give you the privilege of sitting with me at the throne. That’s what the stakes were paying for. stand at the door don’t give up.

Kimberly Hobbs   Beautiful, wonderful word. Yes. And I just have one more scripture to add to because God says Call on me when you’re in trouble, and I will rescue you and you will give me glory. And that’s exactly what this book is about is all the men that God has rescued from all the garbage that has been in their life. And now they are glorifying him sharing their stories, that Psalm 50 Verse five, if you’d like to know. So God will work everything together in his time. So don’t give up. Ladies, this is such a helpful tool, United men of honor overcoming adversity through faith, which is available on Amazon, and also many other different avenues. It’s available at Barnes and Nobles. But we have a favor to ask if you are going to order this book for Christmas birthdays, whatever God puts on your heart, would you please order through World publishing and Because all proceeds of this book go to support the ministries and we are very grateful that God has provided that opportunity. So again, we asked you to go to World publishing and to the shop and you can order United men of honor overcoming adversity through faith. God bless you all, we are so thankful that you joined in today and pray that you will enjoy the book and please reach out please give us messages of how it impacted you because we placed those on social media we placed them in our world publishing and productions. Lines and we and also on Amazon, please write reviews on Amazon. It’s so so important when other people looking to see if maybe they should get this book, they read those and we God can use you in an impactful way to pour into the person saying should I read this book or not? So those would be helpful. So we have to close and again I thank you my love for being on today Ken Hobbs. He is one special man and I am thankful that God brought him into my life and I get to serve the Lord with him. So thank you for being on today babe.

Ken Hobbs   Oh, love being here. I love being Mr. Women World Leaders, too.

Kimberly Hobbs   Amen So from his heart to yours, ladies, we are women world leaders all content is copyrighted by women world leaders and cannot be used without expressed written consent, but reached out to us. We want to hear from you. God bless you all have a beautiful and wonderful day.