September 30, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Godly marriages are safe marriages when 3 are connected in Spirit and truth. We can all strive for these types of marriages but it takes effort on both parties to put Christ first.
A wife’s submission never gives license to her husband to abuse her. NEVER!
Whenever women are instructed in scripture to submit to their husbands, there is a corresponding command for husbands to love and cherish their wives! Read: (Eph.5:25-29)
There is no justification for a husband to physically or verbally abuse his wife, in any way. Not even “polite abuse.”
When people abuse this order God established, the problem does not come from a flaw in God’s plan but humanity’s sinful distortions of it. Pray for your spouse if you are married. Seek to be equally yoked as the Bible describes if you are not married yet and desire to be. Two joined together to become a cord of three strands can not be easily broken. The Bible states this in Ecclesiastes 4:12.
Note: If you are being abused in any way, you must get help. There is no biblical teaching that permits such treatment in a relationship! Ever! Please get to a safe place, and contact both civil and spiritual authorities for protection.
Seek God continually for the marriage made in heaven, it will consist of two souls woven together by His love and grace and it will be exemplified in both parties. Pray for this if it’s not yet intact. God gives us hope found in His Word for the marriage made in heaven.