September 21, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

I recently heard a message about worship and how important our worship is to God. I’m not a singer but I know how I love to worship God- in prayer and thanksgiving and it gets the attention of my Heavenly Father.
I can vividly remember a day I was outside running. ( although I’m not a seasoned runner, I came inside dripping with sweat, excited to be done and ready to worship.) After my physical activity, I wanted to move into some spiritual time with my Lord. Love was just bursting out of my soul for my Savior so I laid face down, spread out on the floor.
With my eyes closed and arms and legs stretched out I literally cried to the Lord praises of my heart in every way I could. I was in the house alone, mumbling so many things that were flying out of my mouth to honor Him. This went on for 45 minutes! I can hardly describe to you all the emotions of gratitude that poured out of me that particular day once I started praising Him.
 Not every time is as intense as this one was, I wish it were, but just any time spent in intentional worship is a wow! Trying it will do your soul good, time with YOU and GOD alone.
How many things do you see on a drive, walk or run that tell you of the might and greatness of our God?  Do you focus on them with awe and wonder and then pour out your gratitude to Him for creating it all? We all should, He deserves ALL of our praises.
When you bow down to worship Him however you do it, in praise, prayer, song, dance, words, whatever ways you choose, He allows you to see how truly Big He is. Your small box will all of a sudden burst open becoming a box without edges, able to contain anything that comes in to fill it to overflowing without stopping. God gives you visions of great and mighty things through Him.
You are big enough when you praise God from whom all blessings flow and praise Him through life’s storms too.
 Take some time to fall on your face before the living God who created you. Don’t be embarrassed, be proud you have the opportunity to do this today and every day you live. He deserves ALL our praises.
“Give praise to the Lord, proclaim His Name; make it known among the nations what He has done. ( Isaiah 12:4)
He is a good Father.