September 2, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Amongst the fun and joy of life, amidst the toil and struggles too, how often do we tell God, “This is not a good time for me to do it, Lord.”?
We put God off.
Queen Esther took on a very important leadership role in the Bible and for God’s kingdom. She was faithful to what God asked of her amidst the busyness of her life, good and bad.
Through her courage and willingness to risk her life, through her adaption of circumstances, her single-mindedness, and call to be faithful, Esther saves both her family and her people.
(Esther 4:12-16)
Esther knew as we know, don’t put God off.
Maybe God has put something in your heart to do something for Him. Maybe He did a while ago and you have procrastinated, it’s not too late. The time is NOW.
God will awaken you from your sleep and slumber, from complacency and indifference to be a member of His army. It may very well come at you in the midst of your greatest adventure, or the desperation of your very existence.  His time is the right time, is He speaking to you in the quietness that He wants to use you? Of course, He is. We are here for a purpose.  GOD has a PURPOSE for YOU.
Remain faithful and alert to His leading. Do not cower back in fear or make excuses. We need to raise the next generation of Godly women! Are you ready?