September 14, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Guest Writer:
Rusanne Jourdan from Australia WWL’s Leadership. Writer for Voice of Truth- Leadership team and contributing Author for this years book..
Surrender it all
Surrender it all
I am here with you every step of the way
I have been with you before you took your first breath and opened your mouth to cry out!
You can cry out My daughter, My child
I hear you even when you don’t say a word, whether the tears flow or not I can hear your heart
I know your hurts
I know your disappointments
I know your thoughts, your dreams, your desires
I put My desires in your heart
Like a mother places a baby down to sleep
Or a woman prepares a meal for her family
Or a gardener plies the soil and places a seed to be watered and nurtured!
I place them there My love to be fulfilled
I receive pleasure when I see them take root and flourish in this life
Look to Me
Be still
Be quiet
Hear My voice
I speak to you all the time
Turn everything off
Come to Me and with Me
Take My Hand
I have so much to say
So much for you
All you must do is believe!
Trust me and if you fall I will be there to pick you up
Trust Me in it all
I have you in My capable, strong &
Sovereign Hand
Keep your eyes on Me
I will lead you in this dance of life
When you’re tempted to run ahead
 Stop and look back!
I am there, always there!
Watching over you
Never too far
We take this ride together, My daughter
I am always with you
I love you