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Marquetta Curtis

Good morning. I have a prayer request. My little brother Justino was born with cerebral palsy, dysphasia, fetal alcohol syndrome, a constant drool from the mouth and he uses a feeding tube For his liquids and medication and eats food by mouth. Justino has been experienced severe irritations with his feeding tube area every since January 2021. It's been replaced twice but still irritation. He has gone to his doctors and wound specialists multiple times but no change.. This week Justino has been rushed to the hospital 3 times. Monday afternoon he was complaining about paying an irritation in the wound area and had a bloody discharge from the wound. The Hospital that I took him too was so busy they were treating patients in the lobby so at that point he only got his wound cleaned and bandaged they prescribed the antibiotic and was sent home. The 2nd day he was complaining about the pains again The discharge was worse he was complaining about his head was hurting took him to a different hospital. He was able to get into a treatment Room and be seen by a doctor. They conducted a CT scan and did blood work cleaned up his wound banished him up and sent him back home. The 3rd day I took him back to the hospital. He was complaining about headaches, stomach painand that his throat and chest hurts when he eats his food. They finally admitted him and ran multiple test another CT scan more blood work.

Now that I've shared with you what Justino is dealing with. I want to explain something about Justino. I'm his guardian and his older sister. My parents adopted him when he was 5 years old when my parents died 6 and 7 years ago I took over guardianship and moved Florida to take care of him and our sister ki ki who was also disabled. Quite naturally we know that these children are gifts from God.God gave Justino a very special gift, " Smiles". He is 30 years old and is non verbal. He has never spoken a word in his entire life. But he has a "Smile" that lifts up those whom hes around. If something happens that makes him upset he "Laughs". If he is in pain or not in pain he always keeps a big "Smile" on his face. He may not know you but his smile will leave a lasting impression in your life.

My request is not only for his healing but my pray is that the doctors will not misdiagnose him by his smile and his laughing or that he is playing a game or that he's faking. Justino has some mental retardation but he understands very well. He communicates by smiling,, sign language and laughing.. and he knows his body well, he knows that something's wrong. But people have misjudged him and possibly misdiagnose him and does not take him serious because the "Joy of the Lord has been his strength"and his Laughter has been his medication. Please pray that the doctors will do a thorough examination. And be more sensitive than in sensitive on Justino to find out exactly what is going on with him. I'm a advocate for the disabled and they should be treated fairly just like someone who is not mentally retarded and someone who is not disabled and like someone who can speak for themselves. I'm standing by his side in the name of Jesus to speak on his behalf. Please join me in prayer that God will assign one of his doctors to Justino in Jesus name.

Thank you

Received: June 17, 2021

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