October 4, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Satan is behind every hateful deed done to you. Most who are controlled by evil don’t even realize who is “motivating” them.
When someone wrongs us, violates us, or hurts us, many of us have the instinct to hurt back. We want to punish our enemies, we feel we receive satisfaction to hurt back but do we? If we allow that to take root, we desire more and more revenge. It doesn’t end.
The enemy wins if he gets you to hurt back, or steals your “forgiving heart” to his wretched schemes. He wins when we allow hatred and unforgiveness to take root. How many of us see this vividly all around us, with people we know?
We need to rise above and choose God’s ways. Don’t play a part in the enemy’s plans. Don’t allow the enemy success by winning you to his dreadful schemes.
 I find the more I am serving God, the more this is applicable to my life. The enemy tries continuously to take me out of “serving my God” and he often uses others to get to me, thank God for keeping me on track!  I can’t play into being a part of the enemy’s plans.
I must pray for those who wrong me, I must love unconditionally those who hurt and accuse me. All of us must know God will take care that which is our enemy!
Break your need for justification with virtue. Ask God to avenge you. Ask Him to help those who have wronged you so miserably that you may find true repentance. Trust Him to do this.
Keep your hearts and minds focused on God’s abiding presence in your life. You can overcome the desire of revenge or “payback”. A victorious heart will rise above and choose God’s ways every time.