October 22, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Have you ever felt so beat up that your wounds don’t ever feel like they can heal? I was talking with a friend who felt her life was over through a rough breakup. She made some mistakes in the relationship she can’t get beyond and the wounds because of it was very deep and there was no turning back. She can’t seem to release it. She was not married but she is not getting beyond the pain in the brokenness of it all and it’s sad.
God can bind any wounds so they can heal. He is the God Most High. When your life sometimes gets bruised and has different paths than you anticipated, you can still be sure you can go from brokenness to wholeness.
Ask God to give you the adequate rest you need so that your heart can beat strong again. Ask Him to do a miracle in you and change your focus to Him.
“Lord, YOU are my precious Shepard. You care for me always. I lack no good thing. You give me rest when I need it. You restore my soul. You soothe my fears and You make me whole again. I will follow you forever.”
(Psalm 23:1-3)
God can make you a kingdom-focused woman despite how you feel and especially when you feel beat up, broken, and bruised! Cast your uglies and all your open wounds on Him because He cares about them all and He will fix them. It may not be your way but His way is better!
Watch what God will do for you if you trust Him and let Him heal you. You will see great and mighty things happen as your wounds heal and you’ll be aware of what God is doing through you.
May others pursue God because they see the healing He is doing in your life! You can be an example through your struggles. Close your eyes and picture it. Get yourself in the presence of God. Yes, get closer to Him and ask Him to restore your soul and allow you to help others.
God will do this and far more than you can imagine if you bring yourself into His presence.