October 16, 2022

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Guest writer Keily Denny-Tennessee
A Vision
The Lord showed me a vision of a foot. The foot was in bad need of a pedicure. It had layers and layers of dry, cracked, dead skin all around the sides and bottom of it. The skin on it looked very dry and ashy. It had callouses in several places and was REALLY in bad shape.
Then God showed me the foot soaking in water. At first, someone came and lifted the foot out of the water and tried to scrub the dead skin off of the sole of the foot, but the skin was too tough. It needed to soak a while longer and so they put the foot back into the water.
I am uncertain of how long the foot soaked in the water or how many times it was taken out of the water and then put back in but eventually, the skin softened. It became easier for the person doing the pedicure to scrape and rub the dead skin off and then have the foot restored with all of the dead skin removed.  This process continued and soon the foot was looking so good and smooth to the touch.
The Lord explained to me that this is the condition of our hearts and our thinking, it’s our faith and our relationship with Him.  The Word of God, the blood of Jesus, and hearing the Word of God preached with our prayers and our fasting washes away the callouses we have built up in our lives layer upon layer.
The cleansing happens a little bit at a time and eventually, our hearts, our mind, and our faith are smooth and washed clean.  There is a smoothness to us after Jesus and now instead of being a repelling light, we become a beacon of light, an illumination that draws others to the God who lives inside of us.
This is a process. It does not happen overnight. The renewal is that chipping away of the old nature that reveals the new. This is how we become a new creation in Christ.  It is how we are born again in the Spirit by Jesus, the Living Water.  He washes us clean, makes us as snow, whole in body, mind, and soul.
The longer you “soak” in Jesus, the more He can reveal to you, His glory.
You receive what you believe. Faith grows with a smooth heart.  A smooth heart comes with a soothed mind. A soothed mind comes when scales are removed from the eyes. Scales are removed from the eyes as the spiritual wax is cleaned out from the ears.  All of this happens from a divine appointment from the Holy Spirit.  He is the  One who doles out invitations to meet Jesus.