October 12, 2022

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Some of us have painful regrets from our past, and mistakes that may leave us feeling hurt, guilty, miserable, shameful, and broken. Your brokenness does not define you!
You are the one in whom Christ dwells dear friend. You are meant to house the fullness of God in every way. God will use you in life’s most treacherous storms if you open your heart to His purpose in you.
 Are you struggling to be perfect? Do you live with a deep sense of failure and self-hatred? Remember, you are the one in whom Christ dwells. Your glory is not in what you’ve done but in who you are.
If you are wounded, please understand that in your weakness is where God’s power is revealed in you. We can minister out of our weakness or brokenness. We can encourage others through what we’ve experienced, because through our vulnerability is where Christ shines most brightly.  I write this from experience and ask you to consider this.
This post is taken from my book “Fuel for Life”, written when I needed to release pain for God’s purpose.  There is a world out there that’s looking for smiles through tears. There is a need for men and women who know the heart of God to reach out and show a spirit of forgiveness, caring, and possibly offer help in healing another.
The New Testament approaches Christian life by telling us who we are and whose we are. We need to read it because it encourages us to live in a manner worthy of that identity.
 Don’t remain stagnant in your struggles. Think about being a vessel used by God today. Smile through the tears and allow God to use your pain with a purpose, embracing someone who needs “your experience” to encourage them. By helping others in their lives and turning your brokenness or weakness into glorifying God, He will give you smiles through tears, and your ability to be used will bring everlasting joy as your healing process. Trust God to help you with this.
Ladies, we will soon be announcing an opportunity provided by Women World Leaders, one offering you a way to use your brokenness to glorify God. Pray for this, we need your prayers, we are hard at work and prayerfully you will be a part of this bigger picture provided by God! Please join our team. Every third Monday of each month at 7pm eastern on zoom. (Next one October 17, 7pm Eastern)
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