November 29, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

I heard the words of a story once about a man who came to Christ. He resolved that he’d never go another day without sharing God’s good news with at least one person because of what it did for him.
This made me think about my own life, do I ever go a day without sharing Jesus somehow or someway? I honestly thought hard about this and being in ministry I can say it’s been a privilege and honor to share Jesus and His word. Wherever I am, whoever I’m with, I share the topic of christ as I can. I could share all day and every day because of what He’s done for me. My shame is gone, I’ve been set free.  Whether it’s through my writing or through talking or through my actions I am always sharing Jesus and His love.
 I don’t say this lightly about sharing Jesus because I’m sad to say I haven’t always been this way in my life. There were years as a Christian believer I never opened my mouth about Jesus or His love.
Sharing Christ began at my moment of “surrender” when I turned my life over to living for Jesus completely and deciding never to turn back. I took the first step forward into a new future with Him and to live FOR Him.
Now I praise God continually that I have the “privilege” to do this daily and actually we all do. I didn’t do anything differently other than I made the conscientious effort to “START” talking to someone every single day, just as this man decided in my opening comment.
I began asking God to use me. By doing this over time it turned into a ministry.
As God’s people, we are called to “proclaim that His Name is exalted” ( Isaiah 12:4)
We need to embody a readiness within us to share how God saves us from the consequences of our sin. It should always be on the tip of our tongues, ready to share with anyone. Please make no excuses about sharing, it’s every believers calling to proclaim Jesus to the world. As long as we breathe air, God has us here for His purpose and that is to glorify Him.
God told the Israelite’s to proclaim His name and “make it known among the nations what He has done.” ( Isaiah 12:4)
Thank God someone left their comfort zone and was bold enough to talk to me openly about Jesus. Wow, God had it planned long ago.
Thank God for the someone who reached out to you and shared the message about Jesus and yes, He had it planned long ago.
Each of us in our own way can let others know about the One who is important in our lives and let them know how loved they are.
 You may not be doing or sharing on a daily basis but starting somewhere and with just one person is the first step. Please be Bold and Courageous. It’s exciting to see a soul come to Christ knowing you’ve had an influence on a heart softened for God’s kingdom.
Please pray and ask God to help you be bold enough and commit to speaking out each day for your Lord. Reaching out through relationships is sometimes the easiest way to begin. Don’t be afraid,  God will give you the words when you ask Him for them through prayer.