November 27, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Anyone that knows me, knows I barely watch movies unless they are true stories and I need to see happy endings in them! Other than that, I barely watch any movies at all.
When I do decide to sit and watch a true story movie I get to the final scenes and with anticipation. I  have so much racing through my heart and mind because I KNOW it is a true story, it really happened. I love it because I find myself trying to figure out how God worked in and through the whole story before it ends… I just love the thinking and relating process.
The Holy Spirit uses all of God’s most incredible moments of our lives and even those that seem like scattered stones on the ground. He uses them all to tell a story. Life’s applicable words can transform the hearts of others through the POWER of God working within if one allows God to work. God will affirm that His story in you will end well for others. Why?
Because God proclaims that in the end, no matter what, His people will inherit eternal life, Rev. 22:14.
We may or may not understand everything in the Bible, or why our lives have certain moments that tell a specific story, and that’s ok. We can all attest to knowing one thing is for certain, if we have trusted Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior, the ending to our story is going to be the best ending of all. It’s eternal life with our Lord. Can you think of a better ending to any story or movie?
Our God is the master of unanticipated mercies. He is creating them new each morning. He says so in (Lamentations 3:23)
God is able to cause “great goodness” to spring up in the middle of your true story going on in your life this very moment. Right now, He can do it! Don’t give up hope.
 Don’t throw away the shovel that scoops the gravel lifting those heavy, scattered stones.  Some of life’s most unfavorable circumstances are lessons learned from scattered stones.  Shovel those stones with the useful tool and put them back in place with God’s help. Don’t throw it all away because you have no tool or effort to do the work.
We all have to watch our movie closely, our true story has a good ending. Trust God that it is so because there is something to learn from every scattered stone. The true story God is writing in your life awaits you. Look for what He is doing amidst the scattered stones of your life’s story. He never stops working and He provides you with tools to clean them up.
Be assured in the end, He will bring it all together, every stone out of place has a new purpose, a lesson learned because God works EVERYTHING together for His good! It’s a happy ending for sure.
 Eternity with no more pain or suffering and the hope that is described in God’s Word! That is the best good news to deliver to anyone watching your movie.