May 7, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

God Himself is our shield of grace and you are responsible for the daily maintenance of your sanctuary or home. Who do you allow in and who do you keep out?
Are you wrapping a shield of protection around where you live by what God’s Word instructs of you?
Listen to David’s poetic praise in Psalm and relate this to cleaning up your own house. Is this your praise to God???
“I’m trying my best to walk in the way of integrity, especially in my own home, but I need Your help!” (Psalm 101:2)
“Every perverse and crooked way I have put away from my heart, for I will have nothing to do with the deeds of darkness.” Vs. 4
“I will silence those who secretly want to slander my friends. I will not tolerate the proud and arrogant.” Vs. 5
“My innermost circle will only be those whom I know are pure and Godly. They will be the only ones I allow to minister to me.” Vs. 6
“There’s no room in my home for hypocrites, for I can’t stand chronic liars who flatter and deceive.” Vs. 7
“At each and every sunrise I will awake to do what’s right and put to silence those who love wickedness, freeing God’s people from their evil grip. I will do all this because of my great love for You!” Vs. 8
Let’s pray together that these words can become songs of praise from our own hearts to our Lord, regarding the homes we live in and an inner sanctuary.
Some of us may need to read these scriptures 2 or 3 times to allow them to penetrate deep within. Do your part to keep a clean house and God will continue to be our shield of grace. Amen.