May 28, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

How many of us live each day “lording” over our finances, our relationships, our work, our home, even our marriages?
 We need to trust that God’s ways are better than our own ways. We need to acknowledge God in every area of life and relinquish our own control over to Him.
 Relinquishing control to God means surrendering it to Him. Acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord. Acknowledge Him as your Saviour, your Heavenly Father, Holy Spirit, and your Comforter. God and only God, is supposed to be Lord over everything in your life.
 Is there an area you haven’t turned completely over to God? As an example, in my own life, I had one. It was actually a relationship that I did not turn over to God. I felt I had it handled on my own…so much so I was hiding from God. It sounds foolish to “hide” from God but I had no real communication with Him while I wanted my own way.  It was not the right relationship for my life, I knew it but God also knew it, of course, He did. When I released it in full surrender to Him, years later-things began changing for me. In fact, my whole life changed for the better.
 If you are not sure of something you have been hovering over to sustain it,  fully acknowledge God to be the Lord over whatever that may be. For you, it may not be a relationship,  but something else. Doing this, you give God permission to be Lord over what it is. God waits for you and gives you a choice to give Him permission or not.
 Pray Lord, I acknowledge you in this area of my life and I ask You to reign there. I want to recognize You in everything I do so that I can honor and serve You. Thank You that You will direct my steps in this area and make my path straight. In Jesus’ name.
I pray right now for the very person who just acknowledged and may have relinquished her “control” to God. I am praising God with you over this because I can relate to the freedom in Christ you will now experience. Surrendered control is freedom through Christ when you release it to Him. It’s true relief and it is life-changing.