May 24, 2023

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Do you understand God does not define us by our sins? Why do we beat ourselves down constantly to be depressed by guilt and shame? Many of us will play the guilt game each day we breathe and beat ourselves down!
Your life and everything done within is hidden in the shed blood of Jesus if you believe that His reason to die was so that you could live. Jesus forgives!
If you realize your sin, then you confess it to Jesus and believe in your heart that He died for you, you’ll begin choosing a new life of surrender, and you are transformed! Please grow confident in this knowledge. God’s Word is true. You are refined by Him each day, but your past sin no longer defines you!!! It’s wiped gone. It’s taken away!
God created us to saturate our motives, making them to be about Him. Remain pure and Holy, and know that God gives grace for the times you may fail. Recognize everything you do, think, and desire and let it be about Him above all else.
“I, Yes I, am the One and Only, who completely erases your sins, never to be seen again. I will not remember them again” (Isaiah 43:25)
My heart leaps with joy over this freeing verse. God loves us beyond measure. Ask for forgiveness and trust His Word. His Word is the air that we breathe! Truth!