May 10, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

God has made a promise to us, He has heard our weeping hearts. Mothers of prodigals or moms whose children have abandoned them, your children will come back. Hold that promise in your heart right now.
I hold on to this truth daily, sometimes hourly when it really gets tough! I have personally heard and heard clearly from God, and He solidified it through multiple confirmations- my children will come back. I trust God… In God’s eyes, it’s a done deal. How do I know this? Because the Bible tells me so.
Does not the Bible tell us that our children are a gift from Him? Your reward?  The Bible says children are “arrows in our quiver” and happy are we who have our quiver full of them… Psalm 127:5.
 I can understand you may not be happy right now, especially if you feel you have a quiver full of selfish, unforgiving, rebellious, resentful kids, right? Not to fret dear women of God, not to fret.
Don’t allow the way they’re acting to crush your faith or distract you from serving God. Serve Him wholeheartedly. Those of you who may not know me on a personal level may wonder if I’m speaking by experience on this one. Yes, I am, and I can help ease your troubled soul. God is in control. Refuse to accept the lie the enemy wants you to believe. Refuse it, sister! He wants you in the pit of misery because he knows you won’t serve God there!
God knows exactly where your kids are spiritually and what they need to learn in their lives, how they need to mature and grow and what is going on for their future. He knows it all. We MUST release our kids and their behaviors to God. He has an angel army to watch over them until just the right time. His time. Not ours.
Stomp out the flames of your fears with FAITH right now!!! You can do this. Hold strong to your belief in what God says is truth. Stand with immovable,  unshakable FAITH! This is serious business here!!! The hurt that has come to you over and over can be cradled in Gods loving arms of Truth when you read His words and dwell on those words instead of the misery of rejection. I still cry, but it’s different now. The pain only lasts for a little while and God always sees me through it.
Speak “healing” over their hearts, “life” back into their souls, and “awakening” to their spirits. Then trust God to do His work that you’ve asked Him to do. And KNOW that He will. Please “DO NOT WAVER” in your faith. If you are praying, God is moving on your faith.
 Stand with me if this is your life and your kids need spiritual healing in Jesus. Even if your children are walking with Jesus 100%, we praise God for this and ask if you can still pray for the many of us grieving sisters around the planet who need prayer? It’s a sad reality in our world today, that the trickery has sucked many of our children into believing whatever lies they are being told, but we have HOPE! Hope in Jesus Christ. There is freedom there.  Don’t give up on God. He is our hope. Our hope lies with Him.❤