March 23, 2023

by Kimberly Hobbs 

All of us go through some pretty heavy, tumultuous times as we live our lives. It’s not always easy when we are serving and growing in the Lord.
God may allow us to go through dark times so that we will reach out for Him and find Him in those times. It doesn’t mean He isn’t there, He absolutely is, but it’s those times we really look to God for help.
He doesn’t want us to ever doubt that He will be there for us. I encourage you with this sister. If you are struggling, reach for Him. He wants to hear from you. He tells us in His Word,
“Cast all your cares upon Him because He cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7)
Please understand that when we reach out to God in the dark times of our lives, we can be assured and know that we will always find His hand waiting for us.
Those of you who know me personally know that for a fleeting moment when I go through rough waters, I may cry, and it  may look fearful for a moment, but I quickly pull myself together  because I always reach for God’s hand to pull me through., ALWAYS! It works. He is always there. He will be there for you too.
I praise Him in the storms, despite how difficult it is to do sometimes. Storms do hit me, even when I’m serving. I usually always have a smile, though, so not many will notice. But I give it right to God! It’s truly amazing how God returns a “sparkle” to my eyes as soon as I start praising Him and giving Him the glory He deserves for everything, despite what I have going on around me.
Because God has a plan in everything, for ALL of us, not just me. He already knows what will happen when we do not see what’s coming ahead. TRUST HIM. God is God, ladies. He makes no mistakes.
God never allows me to sit in the darkness for very long. He is my forever light. There is no greater love than that. He is the light of this world that shines in my darkest times, my happiest times, and my grieving times, and He will shine in yours, too. Do you allow Him to shine in your darkness?
It’s amazing that when I am down, I just say the words, “I praise you, Lord. I know you are with me now, and I believe you will shine in this situation. Your light is on my situation for Your good, whatever it is.”
God’s glory is over heaven and Earth, and it’s over your life today, sister!
My praise is the loudest in my darkest times. Please let your voice scream His songs 🎵 as the whole earth hears of Him through your storm! Shout it out, Woman World Leader; SHOUT IT OUT!!!!!