March 23, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Do you desire a passion for God in your life? His presence is addictive dear sisters. The more we experience Him, the more we want Him, it’s so very true.
When you truly love God and desire His presence around you, joy will rise up inside you like the most refreshing water on the hottest day ever. The joy comes from a source that never runs dry!
Being with God fills us with joy. Ask Him to be in your presence. Say the words, speak them to God in prayer.
“Lord, please be present with me today.” Praise Him and know that He hears your “ask.”
God’s ultimate goal is He wants us to know Him. We can’t fully know Him until we spend time with Him quietly.
“Be still and know that I Am God.” (Psalm 46:10)
Be in His presence and allow Him to be in yours. Have you ever been with someone who wants your advice but won’t stop talking long enough to receive it? Think about that when you come before God.
Sit in His presence. Ask Him to come next to you. Be still with Him. Rest in His presence and let everything else go while you are with God in your thoughts. Worship Him with song, worship Him with thanking Him, worship Him with arms extended toward the heaven speaking the Name of Jesus, worship Him by reciting His scriptures. Be with God alone. Watch the joy that comes overflowing into your heart. A peace that passes all understanding.