March 18, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Praying with one another and for one another is very important. The apostle Paul gives us examples in the book of Acts, how it is important to have intimate time in prayer together, in a group, and knelt together in God’s presence.
Sometimes it’s the last thing on our agenda to take a moment and pray with someone else but it can create a moment of deep unity, love, and encouragement for God’s servants. It can also be a moment that someone who doesn’t know Jesus, needs.
Everyone needs strength for the days that are before them.  One beautiful thing I love about our ministry is that whenever our women see and talk on the phone with each other,  or zoom together, before long, they are praying together. It’s a beautiful thing to see.
We should never pass up any opportunity to pray with people we are with, before we leave them or before they leave us.
You may never know until heaven what “protection” your prayers might offer someone else for their life. You may never know until heaven how they may “empower” someone else in eternal ways. Trust God and take every opportunity to pray with others. Each of you can do this.
(Acts 20:32-36) is a great encouragement.