June 24, 2024

by Kimberly Hobbs 


We have a place to seek shelter in all storm and circumstances in life. We know that the enemy comes as a roaring lion seeking to attack, confuse, harm, and discourage those that are following God. 

We know that the devil is a snake and a liar, who deceives the world and seeks to remove the faith of all God’s children.

But God has promised to cover us with His protection and provide refuge under His wings. His faithfulness is a shield for all who trust in Him. 

God has promised to keep our life from all harm, to protect our minds from discouragement/despair, and to safeguard our hearts with His perfect peace.

What security is ours by right, for we are LOVED and kept under His protective wings! 

Dear God. Thank You, that no matter what circumstances come our way today, there is no evil or harm that the enemy can inflict on us, except as You permit for my eternal good and the glory of Your name. 

Thank You that EVERYTHING IS in Your hands. I pray that I draw closer to You, day by day, and abide under the shadow of your protective wings of love.

 I’m praying for every warrior here that goes out daily- dressed in full armor to do the good work of You, our Loving Father. 

Thank you God that we are covered. AMEN.

Writer: Connie Van Horn