January 6, 2023

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Some of us may struggle with holiday time “anxieties,” some cope with the letdown of another year coming to a close and the new year beginning facing fears that they have failed to accomplish and set their goals yet again.
Remember, we all have but one life to live for our Lord.
What will you do with what Christ has offered you each and every day? He has entrusted us with so much. Pause to think a bit and reflect on your life this year.
Don’t be discouraged. If you didn’t accomplish your goals, do better this new year and ask God for HIS help. Do not go it alone.
You are not a failure!
Don’t be down, and neither be discouraged. Will you waste your energy trying to present an exaggerated version of who you really are into another year? Will you strive to save face and pretend you’re not insecure? Remember, flesh gives birth to flesh. Come out of yourself and seek God to meet heavenly-minded goals.
Will you get real, face down your fears, and embrace the God-confident, significant life you were made for in 2023? Maybe you are already doing so, and that is wonderful. But if not, will you live in the knowledge that you are deeply loved, powerfully called, and profoundly equipped to change your world today and every day you live?
I challenge you to wake up every morning from here forward and finish  with something like these next few words on your lips:
-“Every day I’m in your presence, Lord, and I’m grateful for this.”
-“All that You have is mine, and I am blessed.”
-“I have more than enough to live abundantly today, thank you, God.”
-“May the power of Your life in me energize all I say and do. Anoint my every choice and every word, so when others encounter me, they encounter You. I am Your servant.”
-“I live by faith, and I am alive to God forever! Amen.”
-“God, please use me for Your completed purpose in 2023. I am YOUR vessel.”
May we each hold on tight to God and walk forward by faith in Christ at each step as we get closer and closer to our goals!