January 4, 2023

by Kimberly Hobbs 

“Get out of Depression”
I’d love to hear all of us be able to claim, “I’m too blessed to be depressed.” Can we strive for an attitude to remain positive and show the world we are walking in the “joy” of the Lord?
We need to keep the thankful heart beating and allow gratitude to change our circumstances. We can pretty much agree most of us have difficulties to bear. I reflect last Christmas when I walked through one with both parents battling covid and needing to care for them for many weeks-it spanned over our entire holiday of Christmas and New Years. We ended up in Ohio for 6 weeks and we worked endlessly around the clock to keep them alive. Difficult, yes! Depressing, yes! Did God have me in that place? Yes!
The struggles are real when they hit, aren’t they? We don’t want anyone to cover up a painful existence or a call to carry a load we did not ask for, but changing an attitude of the heart so you can face your storm and direct your focus on Jesus and His Word-IS KEY.  Doing so with a grateful heart can help any situation of worry, depression, fear, and anxiety to get better.
Any of you can have a ministry right where you are this very moment if you take the focus off yourselves and offer to share your heart and share the love through you. Your stories from your past and sharing a piece of you with someone in need is freeing and a blessing.
Sharing all “your” problems, be careful-no one wants to hear that! But share the true blessings of God inside your heart and true impactful love of sharing your stories to encourage. It causes you to look for God in every situation you’ve encountered, including what you may be facing or going through right now!
We each have been given this very single day that we are able to breathe air and live. It’s given by God and we must be thankful to be alive! It’s an encouragement and story in itself. You have a story!
It’s through our imperfect lives, difficulties and  our most broken chapters, that God’s faithfulness is displayed in our existence. Find it, dig for it and share it!
Others need to hear it and you will be walking in blessings before you even realize!
“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Freedom.”
(2 Cor. 3:17)
Break free, find joy in every situation! The Spirit dwells in you, doesn’t He?
  1. Please re-read this scripture.❤My parents survived covid last year, and we all rejoiced this year for the miracle of a “new time.” We can share and testify of God’s grace and mercy through one of the toughest storms  I faced in that moment of last years Christmas and New Years!